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Chapter 291 – To come knocking for a fight (8)

Chapter 291 - To come knocking for a fight (8)

His Highness Prince Jin....How could he...Liu Chengfeng was simply incredulous. Didn't all the rumors say that His Highness Prince Jin was cruel and unfeeling? How could he care this much about this person. Moreover, this person is a young male...

Liu Potian took a step forward, shielding Liu Chengfeng by placing him behind, "Your Highness, hand over that person. Otherwise, if this was to arrive in front of His Majesty, nobody would look good."

"It doesn't look good for you, it doesn't matter to this king." Nangong Liuyun coldly smiled while saying: "Why would this king care if you tell him slanderous accusations?"

Liu Potian had a breathful of air choked back in his lungs, he knew then that negotiating with reason wasn't feasible. If so, there was only the use of force to settle this issue!

"Since it is like this, then let the Gods decide!" Liu Potian, since a moment ago after Nangong Liuyun had blocked him, a restrained fear was born in his heart for Nangong Liuyun.So he took advantage of this situation and suggested: "Then, let Chengfeng and that young man compete with each other in martial arts. See who will win and who will be defeated. Whoever wins will be given the cyan-colored crystal stone!"

This obviously was an unfair deal. The cyan-colored crystal stone clearly belonged to Su Luo. If she was to lose, then the crystal would vanish.

How could Nangong Liuyun let Su Luo agree to this unfair deal? He was just about to let out a few ridiculing words, but was pulled to a stop by Su Luo.

Liu Chengfeng had slandered her and Liu Elder had aggressively brought people over, looking for a fight. Su Luo was always fond of holding a grudge, how could she let them off this simply? Even if her martial strength wasn't good, she still must make them cry until they ran out of tears through hidden means, before she would let them go.

Su Luo carelessly smiled. She looked at Liu Elder, the mockery in her eyes extremely obvious: "Your scheme was calculated really well. If you lost, you won't suffer even a tiny bit of loss. If you win, not only can you retaliate against me, you will also obtain the cyan-colored crystal stone free of charge. This business transaction you set up is indeed profitable and with no loss. Liu Elder, you can really calculate, ah. You proved worthy of being able to buy such a huge estate for Liu Manor. Admirable, admirable."

Those kind of remarks, while speaking, carried satire. The speech directly made Liu Elder practically unable to lift his head up.

He, a respected Elder, had been cultivating in seclusion for ten years. He never expected that once he came out, he would immediately eat a huge loss. His reputation was cut away by such a minor young man, without leaving him even a little bit of face.

He had a suspicion whether he might or might not have clashed with Prince Jin's Royal Manor due to an offense. Why was it that there was one, no, two people who both had sharp mouths full of pointed teeth. It seemed as if their lips were smeared with poisonous juices, and every word they spoke was extremely ear-piercing.

The corner of Nangong Liuyun's mouth lifted into a satisfied smile. His Luo girl would never let him be disappointed. He had an exuberant smiling expression as he gazed at Su Luo. An intoxicating expression, like a gentle wave, flashed through his pair of peach blossoms-like, limpid eyes. Usually, if women took a quick glance at this, they would very likely miss their wedding.

However, Su Luo turned a blind eye to his expression. With one move, she pushed him to the side, because she disliked him blocking her line of sight.

Nangong Liuyun helplessly sighed. Why was his Luo girl this hard to chase after?

Seeing Liu Elder furiously glaring at his Luo girl, Nangong Liuyun was dissatisfied with this. He let out a few 'humph, humph', clearing his throat. Nangong Liuyun raised his eyes and cast sideway glances at him, "What? Liu Potian, could it be you want to fly into a rage out of humiliation?"

Liu Elder held back a mouthful of blood in his throat to the point that his complexion was red.

Nangong Liuyun appeared to have not seen it and indifferently said: "Since that's not the case, then use a fair deal for this competition. The cyan-colored crystal stone in Su Yun's hand is worth fifty thousand gold coins. Your Liu Manor is also not a pauper, take out fifty thousand gold coins to bet. Whoever wins, both the crystal stone and the gold coins will all go to the winning party. Now this is fair."

Liu Potian thought, indeed, it was fair this way.

In addition, just a moment ago, he had already sensed him. The opposing young man basically didn't even have a little bit of spirit strength. He was a complete little waste material. How could Su Luo win against his family's treasured grandson?