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Chapter 285 – To come knocking for a fight (2)

Chapter 285 - To come knocking for a fight (2)

"Then Iet's go see him and play with him properly." Su Luo's face was full of smiles, as she gave Nangong Liuyun a push, "You go first, I will follow soon after."

Nangong Liuyun gave Su Luo a considering glance, with his understanding of this girl, for sure, she was about to con someone. However, he really like this kind of sinister and cunning little girl, indeed, he was liking her more and more.

"Then good, this king will leave the people for you, waiting until you come and slowly play with them." Nangong Liuyun smiled happily while rubbing her head. His Luo girl was seldom in the mood to toy with people. The youngster from the Li family really did have good fortune.

Seeing Nangong Liuyun's back gradually get further away, Su Luo's eyes narrowed slightly. The corner of her mouth lifted into a crafty smile.

The main hall of Prince Jin's Royal Manor.

His Highness Prince Jin languidly and nonchalantly leaned against the imperial chair made of red sandalwood. His hands unhurriedly, one at a time, gripped the armrest of the chair. He indifferently cast sideways glances at the person sitting at the head seat under him.

Liu Potian, Liu Manor's Elder Ancestor, at the same time, he was also Liu Manor's pillar. Actually, at this moment, he was also secretly measuring up Nangong Liuyun.

Liu Potian earlier had already heard about His Highness Prince Jing being the present-day talented genius. At a very young age, he was already a sixth ranked expert. Among the younger generation, he was simply the person with the most outstanding talent. No one could hold a candle to him, if it was the past, he naturally wouldn't dare to offend His Highness Prince Jin, this type of gradually rising superstar.

However now, humph...The corner of Liu Potian's mouth raised into a self-satisfied smile. Recently, his luck had been extremely good, simply as if he was helped by the Gods. Yesterday, he unexpectedly, in one move, broke through the sixth rank and reached the seventh rank that people yearned for in their dreams!

Seventh rank, now in the empire of Eastern Ling, who would dare to be arrogant and despotic in front of him, Liu Potian? Even His Highness Prince Jin who was royalty, must now also defer somewhat to him!

Because of his cocky mindset after advancing, from Liu Chengfeng's mouth, he learned that originally, he almost took possession of a cyan-colored crystal stone but it unexpectedly vanished all of a sudden. This made him now full of high fighting spirit, at anytime wanting to look for a person to fight with to show off his formidable strength. How could Liu Potian endure and swallow this insult?

Therefore, he didn't demur, bringing Liu Chengfeng along and had aggressively arrived at Nangong liuyun's doorstep to seek an explanation. He had said he was here to seek an explanation, but in fact, he was just here to demand the crystal stone.

However, it seemed he still had a little intellect left, because he was afraid of the consequences. Since His Highness Prince Jin was so gifted strength and powerful, therefore his words, actions and bearing were still regarded as him exercising some restraint.

In fact Liu Potian was engrossed in his own excitement so how could he know that His Highness Prince Jin a long time ago had entered the boundary of the seventh rank a step before him. As a result this time he was doomed to fall down and flip over very hard.

However, Liu Potian was unaware, therefore when he faced His Highness Prince Jin, he used the tone of an elder speaking down to a junior.

One could only see him with an apathetic expression, staring fixedly at His Highness Prince Jin, coldly saying: "Your Highness, I heard on that day, the thief that stole Liu Manor's cyan-colored crystal stone was brought to Your Highness's residence. Did this happen?"

Liu Potian's manner and tone was condescending, not lacking the arrogance that manifested in his capacity as a seventh ranked expert.

Nangong Liuyun merely cast him an indifferent glance, his expression was calm. "Liu Potian, who lent you the courage to dare come and question this king?"

Liu Potian haughtily raised his eyebrow. Liu Chengfeng, this henchman, on the side said: "Your Highness Prince Jin, my grandfather is already a seventh ranked expert. Even His Majesty treats my grandfather with extreme politeness. Your attitude should also lose some of the elegant demeanor of an imperial prince."

Liu Chengfeng, this opportunist, before, he was super afraid of Nangong Liuyun. Now that he knew that his grandfather had been promoted to the seventh rank, his manner immediately did a huge 180 degrees turn.

Nangong Liuyun's fair fingers, with the bones clearly outlined, lifted up a cyan-colored, flowery porcelain teacup. His eyes dropped slightly as he drank a mouthful, afterwards, he contentedly narrowed his phoenix eyes slightly.

The vapors that rose in spirals concealed the gleam of light that flitted through his beautiful pitch-black eyes. Nobody was able to clearly see the deep meaning within his beautiful eyes.