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Chapter 281 – Elementary Apothecary (6)

 Chapter 281 - Elementary Apothecary (6)

Because she was on the brink of exhausting her spirit power, her forehead was now covered with closely-packed beads of sweat. Her complexion was terrifyingly pale, and both her hands that were pressed on top of the medicinal cauldron couldn't keep from trembling slightly continuously.

If Nangong Liuyun was here, his heart would absolutely ache for her and would carry her away without the slightest hesitation. Because the Su Luo right now, looked as if she was tottering on the verge of collapse and in extreme pain.

However, Su Luo refused to give up. She clenched her teeth and persisted onwards as before. No matter what, she wouldn't relinquish her grip.

Gradually, Su Luo was aware that she could sense something vaguely in her dazed state, just at the final moment when her spirit power was about to be exhausted.

All of a sudden, Su Luo's forehead suddenly became clear and a whiff of hot energy slowly rose from within her Dantian (1). It wandered in every direction within her body, and this kind of energy became hotter and hotter.

A beam of light flashed through Su Luo's pair of eyes.

She was very familiar with this kind of feeling, the last time when she promoted, this was how she felt. She had been hovering around the peak of the second rank for a long time. Originally, she just lacked an opportunity to advance, could it be that refining pills was just such an opportunity?

She actually guessed right.

Just a moment ago, all her concentration was condensed and focused within the medicinal cauldron. She accidentally actually broke through the barrier, and in one go was promoted to the third rank. It truly was profiting from disaster, even the heaven was unusually partial to her.

In twenty short days, she started at zero and directly advanced to the third rank. This cultivation speed, if it was to spread out, would right away scare a bunch of people to death.

Su Luo restrained her excited frame of mind and calmed down. The her right now, because of being promoted to the third rank, had her spirit power completely refilled. It was also the reason why her control of the herb's nature inside the medicinal cauldron was even more adept and easy.

Not long after, the corner of Su Luo's mouth finally showed a relieved smiling expression.

She knew that this first time she refined a pill, she had succeeded.

Also, she faintly felt that the pleasant surprise from refining the pills this time was not limited to such a simple thing as breaking through to the third rank.

After letting it cool, Su Luo slowly lifted the medicinal cauldron's lid.

Immediately, a rich, sweet scent rushed towards her nose, it diffused everywhere within her space, lingering for a long time.

Su Luo had knowledge about and had come across Spirit Restoration Pills before. At that time when she extorted medicinal pills from Apothecary Leng, among them one kind was the Spirit Restoration Pill.

She took a deep breath, and the corner of her mouth lifted into a smile of satisfaction. This was due to the fact that this kind of sweet scent smelled even richer than the Spirit Restoration Pill Apothecary Leng refined.

After the smoke dispersed, Su Luo's gaze was fixed on what was inside the medicinal cauldron.

With this one glance, it couldn't help but make her stare somewhat blankly.

Why was there more Spirit Restoration Pills than expected?

Remembering the writings in the 《Elementary Apothecary Book》, it stated that when refining Spirit Restoration Pills for the first time, to have three pieces of Spirit Restoration Pills in one medicinal cauldron was already considered especially good. Most of the people with general talent could only produce two pills, or even just one pill.

However...Su Luo looked upon the flat, mirror-like surface within the medicinal cauldron, on the surface lay ten pieces of plump pills. Each and every piece was plump and glowing with health. They looked sleek and cute, making people feel very happy.

She actually, in one medicinal cauldron furnace, refined ten pieces of pills...this success rate, this refining quantity, made even Su Luo herself inevitably somewhat speechless.

However, no matter what, as long as it was a good thing, then it's all right.

Su Luo very satisfiedly took out a jade bottle. She very carefully collected the ten pieces of Spirit Restoration Pills into the jade porcelain bottle, before finally stuffing the opening close with a cork. This stored all of the sweet scent inside the jade porcelain bottle.

After she had carefully put away these pills, Su Luo carried the jade porcelain bottle. Her spirit flashed out of her space and joined together into one with her body that was sleeping outside of her space.

The Su Luo outside of her space faintly squinted her eyes, holding the jade porcelain bottle, she pushed opened the door and went looking for Nangong Liuyun.

Such good news, she couldn't wait to share it with him.


When she pushed open the door, what Nangong Liuyun saw was a weeping and sobbing little face.

1) Dantian - Is an energy center on the human body important for meditation and martial arts practice. Please see wiki for a more detailed explanation.