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Chapter 280 – Elementary Apothecary (5)

 Chapter 280 - Elementary Apothecary (5)

Having added Celestial Spirit Water, along with the help of the little divine dragon's true fire, then drawing support from Zi Huo medicinal cauldron, if she still failed to refine the pill, even she wouldn't forgive herself.

Therefore, no matter what, she didn't want failure to occur in this situation.

Su Luo slightly narrowed her eyes, the spiritual force in her body started to circulate slowly. The flame in the center of her palm, under her spiritual power, blaze after blaze coiled into the medicinal cauldron. The flame inside the medicinal cauldron continuously rolled around and burned.

Su Luo squinted her eyes, she very carefully and cautiously controlled the unruly flame in the Zi Huo medicinal cauldron. She appeased the flame as if pacifying a naughty, unruly, little fire baby.

Under her placating, those flames that were scattered in all directions and doing as they pleased, meekly gave in. They obediently and neatly arranged into one flame.

She really could control the flame now? Su Luo, with a pleasantly surprised expression, looked at the center of her palm. The corner of her mouth rose and her mood became pretty good.

According to the teachings in the 《Elementary Apothecary Book》, people that haven't entered the doorstep of Apothecary, through countless practices to shape their refining skills, that allowed them to feel the process, would gain understanding after many failures. Finally, they would be able to casually control the flame as they wished. In addition, the ability to control flames was a basic skill that an Elementary Apothecary needed to achieve.

Yet, unexpectedly, just a moment ago during her first experiment, she actually was able to learn how to control the flame.

This would mean that she had now already felt her way to the doorstep of an Elementary Apothecary. Su Luo was secretly delighted in her heart. However, she strictly told herself to calm down, because this was nothing more than a mere beginning. Later, there were still things that were even more difficult waiting for her to do, so she must not relax in the slightest.

Slowly, Su Luo started to experience this Zi Huo medicinal cauldron's merit.

This Zi Huo medicinal cauldron seemed as if it was very familiar with her spirit power. After her spirit power entered the cauldron, it caused an extremely small hindrance, and almost seemed not to hinder the flow.

Su Luo concentrated her attention completely on controlling the flame's temperature and extracting the active ingredients from the herbs.

Under Su Luo's sensing of the medicinal herbs in the Zi Huo medicinal cauldron, the Celestial Spring Water, as well as the true fire which was right in the middle of changing, this allowed a fantastical thing to occur.

All kinds of different activated medicinal herbs were shaped and refined by the flame, all sorts of changes were taking place in the absolute silence. All categories of medicinal herbs' active chemicals were pressed out one by one, and like this, were assembled together. The herbs seemed to mutually exchange their essence when combining. Su Luo continuously concentrated her attention completely on extrapolating the intrinsic order of the medicinal herbs.

Finally, Su Luo roughly calculated, that there was as many as one hundred ways to fuse these medicinal herbs.

This was merely an Elementary Spirit Restoration Pill, and it would actually have so many subtle combinations. If it was later, only heaven would know how complicated it would be. Grandmaster level Apothecary, it was indeed an existence that people hope for but could not reach.

Su Luo couldn't even relax for a second, her pair of eyes were slightly closed. She condensed all of her spirit power and poured it into the medicinal cauldron. She was constantly observing the situation inside the medicinal cauldron.

All of a sudden, Su Luo sensed that something was not going well because she could sense the originally cooperative herb essences inside the medicinal cauldron, in a split second, seemed to have been startled. Each and every one of them migrated in all directions in a very frightened manner, fleeing in disarray. This simply made Su Luo wearily rush to and fro.

Su Luo made herself calm down, carefully felt about and carefully appeased. She had a kind of feeling that the reason ought to be because the flame inside the medicinal cauldron was too weak.

She had always respected her own intuition. Also, her intuition had never been wrong.

Just in this split second, Su Luo made her choice.

She reached out her hand and used all her might to slap the dragon mouth on the medicinal cauldron. Concentrating all of her spirit power, the flame in the center of her palm rushed out. The flame rapidly rushed into the middle of the medicinal cauldron. The flame inside the entire medicinal cauldron rose in a flash and the temperature doubled.

Very quickly, Su Luo felt that the spirit power in her own body was almost exhausted.

Could it be, that the first time she refined a pill must end up in failure?

She refused to accept it!

Su Luo clenched her teeth and persisted.