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Chapter 279 – Elementary Apothecary (4)

Chapter 279 - Elementary Apothecary (4)

She didn't know that precisely because of this lazy action, this gave her an unexpected result. Moreover, this brought about a huge impact to her future refining career.

In the process of soaking the medicinal herbs, Su Luo, with interest, sized up the Zi Huo medicinal cauldron in front of her.

The Zi Huo medicinal cauldron was a full half a meter high, the whole cauldron appeared to be reddish-purple in color. On the medicinal cauldron were carved four dragon heads with their mouths wide open. The dragon heads seemed malevolent with mouths wide open, as if the flames that reached the sky were gushing out of the dragons' mouth.

The four dragon tails were coiled together, taking the shape of an unusual-looking cauldron lid. Lifting open the cauldron lid, it was a washbasin-sized, first-rate iron pot. This was where the medicinal herbs were to be placed, and on top of the iron pot, was a piece of smooth, flat divider where the medicinal pills would appear on top of it.

The Zi Huo medicinal cauldron could not only amplify the flame, but would also double the success rate during the refining process, because of the rare metals mixed in when creating the cauldron.

Su Luo placed the pre-soaked medicinal herbs one by one into the iron pot, and used the copper lid to cover the cauldron tightly. She lightly patted the mechanism underneath the cauldron.

A flame....Su Luo was indeed a fire system mage, moreover, she could already condense out a small ball of flame by now. However, she always felt that she lacked a little something.

Su Luo's round eyes cleverly turned around as she pondered.

All of a sudden, Su Luo clapped her hands, she finally remembered!

Got it!

How could she have forgotten that treasure!

The little divine dragon, ah! The true fire he sprayed out of his mouth was much stronger compared to her own small ball of fire. The strength of his fire was stronger than hers by innumerable fold.

Su Luo fished up the little divine dragon that was lying on his back on top of the source stone, with his little belly rising and falling in the midst of a deep sleep. The little divine dragon moved his little mouth and rubbed against Su Luo's chest. Both of his little paws were tightly clenching her lapel, and he once again sunk into deep slumber. He also let out a little snore.

Su Luo suddenly didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

However, because it was important to her cultivation, she nevertheless had to borrow a little bit of the little divine dragon's flame.

Su Luo pinched the little divine dragon's nose. For a short while, it was tolerable, but after a period of several breaths, the little divine dragon started to slowly wake up. His sleepy eyes were drowsy, looking at Su Luo with a bewildered and innocent expression.

"Be good, don't sleep yet. First, spray out a little fire for your master." Su Luo held the little divine dragon and aimed his little mouth at one of the opened dragon mouths on top of the medicinal cauldron's lid.

Su Luo impatiently wanted the little divine dragon to assist with the source of the fire, but wasn't aware that now, the posture of her holding two of the little divine dragon's legs looked like she was holding a peeing little kid.

Fortunately, when the little divine dragon saw the carved large dragon design on top, his sleepy and drowsy eyes become mostly awake.

In fact, Su Luo was still a little worried, because the little divine dragon, this child, in the recent past, was a card that would come out and do things outside of expectations. Recalling before, in order to eliminate that pursuer following her, she took the risk and let him undertake the task. The result was that he first sprayed out water, which almost led to a huge accident. Fortunately, the second time, he accidently sprayed out lightning, that directly roasted the guy chasing her to kill her into charcoal. .

Su Luo warned him over and over again: "Remember, you must spray out fire. Don't spray out water nor lightning. By all means, you must not spray out water..."

If water was to go in, then this whole thing would be ruined.

Maybe it was because the Gods were standing on Su Luo's side, her luck could be considered good. What the muddle-headed little divine dragon sprayed out was fire, genuine fire.

After borrowing the fire source, Su Luo allowed the little divine dragon to lie down and continue sleeping. She started to refine the pill.

The true fire in Su Luo's palm, under her control, entered the wide open dragon mouth. The temperature at the top of the medicinal cauldron gradually rose little by little.

The more time passed, the more focused Su Luo's powerful mind became.

This was the first time she refined a pill, moreover, the pill being refined was also not a high level one. However, she inevitably would have a kind of obsessive feeling.