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Chapter 278 – Elementary Apothecary (3)

 Chapter 278 - Elementary Apothecary (3)

Nangong Liuyun acted as if nobody else was present, ignoring all kinds of people. In high spirits, he led Su Luo along, and on the way, showed her off as he passed.

Su Luo plaintively complained in her heart: She was done for! If this was to spread out, did she still have a reputation to keep?

Prince Jin's Royal Manor was very large, the courtyards were arranged irregularly, resulting in a charming effect. Didn't know how long they walked for, eventually, Nangong Liuyun brought Su Luo to a garden that was overflowing with the aroma of medicinal herbs.

When Su Luo went inside this medicine garden and saw the scenery in front of her, it immediately made her eyes shine brightly.

Su Luo identified everything one by one and found that the medicinal herbs in this medicine garden was complete. All the medicinal herbs mentioned in that《Elementary Apothecary Book》were practically all here.

In this case, it was easier to manage. It also helped her avoid going everywhere to search for these medicinal herbs.

However, for her first time refining medicine, what kind of medicinal pill would be good to refine?

Su Luo's fingers was on her chin in a pondering position, her brain was rapidly thinking about this question.

After thinking for a while, Su Luo finally decided to refine an elementary level Spirit Restoration Pill.

Spirit Restoration Pill, as the name implied, was a pill that replenished a person's spirit power.

A person's spirit power was limited, after a battle, it would be used up. However, if a person swallowed a Spirit Restoration Pill on the spot, then it was possible to restore their spirit power.

Elementary Spirit Restoration Pills could only restore a person's spirit strength by ten percent. Intermediate Spirit Restoration Pills could restore a person's spirit strength by twenty percent, and so on.

However, on this continent, there were very few Apothecaries, moreover, the success rate for refining Spirit Restoration Pills was not very high. Therefore, the market price for Elementary Spirit Restoration Pill was still not very low. The common market price for one pill was one hundred gold coins.

Because Su Luo's body contained the wood element system, she naturally had a familiar feeling with regards to medicinal herbs. She closed her eyes and was able to clearly feel the distinction between the similar types of medicinal herbs. Which stalk of herb was most active and strong, and which stalk of herb was withered and listless.

Su Luo, without the slightest hesitation, naturally picked all the vital and active herbal ingredients.

In the medical garden, she harvested more than ten types of herbal ingredients, which she needed to refine the Spirit Restoration Pill. Su Luo threw all of the herbal ingredients into her space at once.

Nangong Liuyun had already guessed that Su Luo was able to unlock her space. Now seeing this, as expected, she really did unlock it. Since she was able to use her space in front of him, it was sufficient to prove her trust in him.

Thinking up to here, a smiling expression appeared at the corner of Nangong Liuyun's mouth. "Luo girl, you couldn't have also already prepared the medicinal cauldron?"

"Of course, and also, to tell you the truth, my medicinal cauldron is difficult to purchase with even ten thousand gold coins. You absolutely cannot imagine how great it is." Su Luo, with a lofty and strutting manner, cast him a glance.

Her medicinal cauldron was called Zi Huo medicinal cauldron, which was actually the one used by Elder Zi Huo back then. The success rate for refining pills was fully doubled. This was not something that those other medicinal cauldrons outside could compare to.

"Then this king will look forward to it, however, for the first time refining pills, it is hard to avoid failure. If so, then Luo girl must not cry and snivel." Nangong Liuyun spoilingly and indulgently looked at her. As long as she was happy, no matter what she was doing, he would keep her company in the same place. He was merely afraid that she would be disappointed when she failed, therefore Nangong Liuyun warned her in advance.

Cry and snivel? What kind of person did he take her for? Su Luo exasperatedly rolled her eyes at him. She will make him open his eyes wide to have a good look. She, Su Luo, not only could cultivate martial arts at an astonishing speed, but also in the way of refining, she absolutely would not lose to others.

After she chased Nangong Liuyun out, Su Luo closed the door and her spirit entered her space in a flash.

Su Luo did it step by step according to the procedure in 《Elementary Apothecary Book》.

First of all, step one required that the more than ten types of medicinal herbs be soaked in spring water.

Su Luo, in her space, also did not need to collect other types of water. What she had the most of in her space was Celestial Spirit Water. Also, the Celestial Spirit Water's usefulness had already passed one person and one divine dragon's verification, it was absolutely great.

Su Luo retrieved some Celestial Spirit Water and soaked the medicinal herbs one by one.