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Chapter 275 – Romance in Prince Jin’s Manor (11)

 Chapter 275 - Romance in Prince Jin's Manor (11)

The 《Obscure Pill Recipes》left by Elder Zi Huo included his lifetime worth of studies, but because he was too great, it was to the extent that the book he left behind was very abstruse. At the very least, she needed to be an Intermediate Apothecary to be able to understand a little of what was written.

Not to mention, Su Luo was a novice who hadn't even set foot into the threshold of an Apothecary. The her right now possessed a mountain of treasures, but no matter what, she couldn't find the key to enter it. This kind of taste like that of a castle in the air was really difficult to bear.

However, now this 《Elementary Apothecary Book》 right in front of her just so happened to be able to resolve the predicament that Su Luo was faced with.

Recalling Nangong Liuyun suffering from that kind of pain last night, Su Luo's heart suddenly had a notion. If she could raise her Apothecary level, maybe she could cure Nangong Liuyun's old illness.

Having thought of things up to here, Su Luo, with single-minded devotion, started to thumb through that 《Elementary Apothecary Book》.

This type of basic book paid more attention to explaining the theory and analyzing the Apothecary system. Su Luo had always been smart with practically a photographic memory, and adding her single-minded devotion on top of that, time passed in a flash while she was studying.

When Su Luo rubbed her tired and dry eyes while standing up to stretch, she discovered a man was standing at the doorway.

Today's Nangong Liuyun was dressed in a black brocade robe, his figure was tall and lean. His phoenix eyes were narrowed slightly, dark as ink and deep as a bottomless pool. It was domineering, and at the same time, full of a noble aura. His thin lips were dark red, moist and hooked into a demonically charming smile like a scarlet cluster of amaryllis, so alluring and enticing.

He stood unmoving at the doorway, the sunlight shone onto his whole body, making it radiate a faint halo. Even though he was just silently watching her, part of his inherent arrogance, nobility and domineering aura basically made it impossible for people to ignore his existence.

He merely watched Su Luo with an amiable manner that was light as clouds and gentle as the wind. However, he still gave off a kind of indiscernible oppressive feeling. Encountering that pair of charming,beautiful eyes that hypnotized all living things, Su Luo found that her own heart was throbbing uncontrollably.

Evildoer, he indeed deserved to be called an evildoer!

Just by appearing, he would capture all the brilliance from the surroundings, as if all the splendor would gather on his body at this time.

Nangong Liuyun, dressed in an elegant, black-colored brocade robe, slowly walked towards Su Luo.

Finally, his tall body stopped in front of Su Luo. A devilish radiance started to float to the surface of his beautiful pair of eyes. With a dazzlingly beautiful and devilishly charming manner, he unmovingly stared at Su Luo. From the beginning, the corner of his mouth had a wicked smile, "Looking until you are struck dumb? You like the king this much?"

Su Luo suddenly returned to her senses and irritatedly rolled her eyes: "What rubbish are you saying? Who likes you?"

Would this guy die if he didn't make fun of her? Every time, it was the same trick.

Nangong Liuyun smiled shallowly, his gaze cast a look at the book in her hand, "Elementary Apothecary book? That's right, our family's Luo girl indeed has the figure of a gifted Apothecary. Not cultivating it would be a pity."

Speaking of this, Su Luo's heart suddenly moved, she quietly stared at Nangong Liuyun, then with a clear and cold voice, said: "What's the matter with you last night? Old it very serious?"

Nangong Liuyun's long arm, in one move, encircled Su Luo to his chest. He lowered his head and smilingly looked at her. "Is this king's little Luo Luo concerned? Am I right?"

Su Luo turned her face away and muttered: "Who's concerned? It was only because previously, I didn't know and was suddenly scared by your illness. Why don't you tell me what's it all about in the end? Aren't you Prince Jin? Couldn't you find an Apothecary to treat you?"

Nangong Liuyun's lips were pursed while he smilingly looked at Su Luo. Strands of bright and beautiful sunlight landed on his bright eyes, like the light and shadows now flowing smoothly. It was resplendent and gorgeous.

"Speak ,ah, what are you looking at." Su Luo annoyedly pushed at his strong-as-iron body.