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Chapter 269 – Romance in Prince Jin’s Manor (5)

Chapter 269 - Romance in Prince Jin's Manor (5)

Su Luo, with trepidation and lingering fear, looked at this man, and unable to suppress it, she took a step back.

This step was like stepping away from the abyss.

The smile at the corner of Nangong Liuyun's mouth become increasingly gorgeous. He caressed Su Luo's pair of pink tender cheeks, as if explaining something for Su Luo to listen to, but also seemed to be speaking to himself: "If I snap off the wings of a phoenix, would it still be a phoenix?"

His voice was like a breeze and gentle rain, playing down everything. However, when it reached Su Luo's ears, she felt fearful and alarmed in the face of disaster.

She would rather see him vent in violent fury and use a murderous gaze full of ice to look at her, than see him like this with a smiling expression that never reached his eyes, trying to fool himself with words. This kind of him made her alarmed and scared.

She cannot provoke him further, she really must not.

Su Luo silently looked at him, not saying a word.

Nangong Liuyun smiled, his smile was as tender and gentle as water. He briskly pulled on Su Luo's hand, leading her to walk towards the bed. He lovingly and indulgently rubbed the black hair on her head, "The time is late, Luo girl, you should keep this king company in the same bed."

After saying this, he didn't allow her to refuse and put her on top of the bed. Soon after, he turned himself over and also got onto the bed.

His movements were gentle, but also carried a strong force that would not tolerate resistance.

Su Luo attempted to refuse, but discovered she was simply unable to decline.

This temperamental man with huge mood swings! Just a moment ago, he was violently raging as if he wanted to kill everyone in the entire world. Now, his expression was once again all smiles, she really didn't know which was the real him.

Su Luo's heart let out a sigh of aggravation.

Since she was unable to refuse, then she had no other choice but to accept. After all, it was not like anything would really happen in bed. It was merely sleeping on the same bed and nothing more.

Su Luo simply lay flat on top of the embroidered quilt, afterwards, she rolled around and wrapped herself in the quilt like a plump, cocooned silkworm. Then she rolled on the bed towards the wall and inclined towards the side. She faced inside, with her body stretched out straight.

Su Luo's actions were done smoothly, without a half second pause. In a blink of an eye, she had completed her movements.

Nangong Liuyun was simply dumbstruck as he watched this scene in front of him.

A long time later, he finally leaned over her body and started to chuckle.

The more he chucked, the less he was able to repress his laughter. Finally, he was laughing so hard that tears almost came out.

His little Luo Luo was simply too cute, she would go as far as bundling herself up to resemble a cocooned silkworm~~~

Su Luo irritatedly rolled to a ninety degree angle to be face-to-face with him as she glared at him, "The night is getting darker, why haven't you quickly lie down to sleep? What are you laughing at!"

However, since Nangong Liuyun could laugh out loud, Su Luo's could relax her highly alerted heart from before.

Compared to the sinister Nangong Liuyun from just a moment ago, who was like an Asura that had walked out of hell, the him right now, although he was abominable, seemed much cuter.

Nangong Liuyun spoilingly and lovingly rubbed her little head, his tone appeared to be careless, "Little girl, you think that being bundled like this, then this king would be unable to deal with you?"

If he really wanted to deal with her, why would he regard this very small embroidered quilt as a hindrance? In the time it took him to lift his hand, he would have torn it.

Su Luo's heart went 'thump', she become somewhat afraid of the consequences. She shakingly and falteringly extended out her little head and sent a quick glare at Nangong Liuyun. This asshole wouldn't really want to do something right?

Probably because there was something in her expression, or it could have been that the manner she extended out her head was too ridiculous, the laughter in Nangong Liuyun's eyes became even stronger. He stretched out his hand, those slender fingers flicked once on top of her head.

Both of Su Luo's hands were wrapped in the quilt and could not rub her head that hurt from his flick that could explode a chestnut. She could only use her watery eyes to glare at him accusingly: "The high and mighty prince unexpectedly would be this stingy? Didn't I only use one of your quilts? Way too stingy!"

This girl's ability to avoid the important details and dwell on the minor ones was really not a little skilled. Nangong Liuyun took pity on her and his slender fingers rubbed her forehead. His finger seized the opportunity to lightly brush her lips.

Su Luo was stumped for words.