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Chapter 264 – Prince Jin’s Royal Manor (15)

Chapter 264 - Prince Jin's Royal Manor (15)

"Don't get ahead of yourself." Su Luo furiously glared at him.

"Obedient Luo Luo, don't be angry. In fact, you have also thought that Liu Chengfeng has surely sent a countless number of people to hide by my manor's gate to wait for you. Little Luo Luo, once you go out, you will walk into a trap. My family's little Luo Luo wouldn't be that dumb right?" Nangong Liuyun had both hands crossed in front of his chest, with a sinister smile on his face.

"If Your Highness Prince Jin were to issue a few words, how could Liu Chengfeng dare not withdraw his people?" Su Luo grinded her teeth and coldly responded.

Nangong Liuyun innocently shrugged his shoulders with his arms open and hands facing up, and he obstinately shook his head: "Foolish Luo Luo, one favor after another, you still haven't repaid my kindness yet. How could this king continue to do more favors for you? If there are too many favors, then you will have to repay them with your flesh. This wouldn't be fair to you."

This man didn't seen to have any limit! Su Luo made a fist while being speechless: "What you said is right, too many favors are indeed hard to pay back."

Nangong Liuyun gracefully nodded his head, replying as if it was only logical: "Yes, therefore tonight, you should first return some interest."

Su Luo speechlessly asked: "How do you want to be repaid?"

Nangong Liuyun suddenly started to smile in a devilishly charming manner, his smile could enchant all living things, "Obedient Luo Luo, this I have to ask you. How much are you prepared to pay back? Repay only the interest? Repay the capital amount? Or pay back both the capital and interest together?"

Su Luo was still speechless. She never thought that his head would have so many tricky twists and turns. She glared directly at him: "How to pay back the interest? How to pay back the capital? And also what methods should be used use to repay both the capital and interest?"

Nangong Liuyun's eyes drooped down halfway and leisurely said: "This, there are many details to pay attention to. However tonight, this king will explain it to you one at a time. You shouldn't be so impatient, we have plenty of time."

Who was impatient! Su Luo swept him a very despising glance and said: "Your thinking had better be a bit purer!"

In fact, this sentence was full of many meanings, it also made her attitude very clear.

Tonight, she really had to stay here.

Without Nangong Liuyun's order, she really couldn't leave Prince Jin's Royal Manor. Even if she was able to leave Prince Jin's Royal Manor, she still didn't know how dangerous it was outside of the manor.

Only, tonight was doomed to not be peaceful.

Su Luo had already been somewhat mentally prepared, but the final development in this matter had gone beyond her expectations.


The sky appeared as if draped in a black layer of light muslin. In the lonely sky hung a few remnant stars, giving off a dim and bleak luster.

Su Luo came to her senses from her contemplation, glancing at the color of the sky, she discovered it was pretty late.

"Where is my room?" Su Luo asked with a frown after pulling a maid who was hurriedly passing by to a stop.

Half of the night had already passed, and yet no one had come to inform her where she should sleep tonight. Su Luo's expression said she couldn't understand this.

When that maid heard the question, her body immediately jumped and she was alarmed. At once, she kneeled down and begged for forgiveness: "Young-young lady, this matter, this servant doesn't know. You should go and ask His Highness yourself. I beg you, beg you to spare this servant..."

Was her appearance that scary? Why was it that when the servant saw her, it was as if she had seen a ghost?

Su Luo somewhat dumbfoundedly touched her own delicate and beautiful cheeks. This face ought to be quite pretty. Once she grew up a bit, she ought to be a complete, devastatingly beautiful little belle.

However, the maid kneeling on the ground continuously begged for forgiveness. She was beseeching Su Luo to let her go.

Su Luo was simply out of ideas and bluntly said: "Okay, okay, tell me where your family's Highness is, I will go ask him myself."

"His Highness is at a bedroom in the Qin Palace courtyard." The maid very carefully said.

"Fine, you can go now." Su Luo waved her hand and sent the maid away.

In Prince Jin's Royal Manor for a brief half day period, Su Luo didn't discover anything else, but she found that the reverence of the servants here for His Highness Prince Jin came from the bottom of their hearts.