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Chapter 261 – Prince Jin’s Royal Manor (12)

Chapter 261 - Prince Jin's Royal Manor (12)

Moreover, their Highness Prince Jin actually used that sort of tempting and coaxing tone, a soft, misty rain-like voice, to speak: "Luo Luo, be obedient, you are so thin, eating a bit more will help you grow up faster."

Heaven, heaven, heavens, ah....The circle of servants collectively hyperventilated. They were simply in chaos at his manner.

Was this still that unwavering killer that cut down everyone, killing people as if cutting up vegetables, His Highness who, due to a brief disagreeable remark, would be fond of cutting off a hand or foot, that Prince Jin? Who had possessed the body of their family's Highness?

This was simply too, too terrifying!

However, the present Nangong Liuyu,n as far as Su Luo was concerned, was someone she was best familiar with.

Because all along, in front of her, Nangong Liuyun had always been in this frivolous, devilishly charming and alluring mode. Therefore, she was not even a bit unable to adapt to this.

Su Luo single-handedly pried off his finely jointed finger, and angrily shot him a glare: "When eating, you should eat it properly, stop groping around, you don't even understand even a little bit of the rules."

Once these words were spoken, Nangong Liuyun didn't seen to have any reaction, but the circle of servants were all scared silly.

They simply could not imagine that in this world, the Miss in front of their eyes would dare to rush forward to throw away her life. How could she dare to speak those words to His Highness? She deserved the greatest praise for courage and she was too incomparably brave!

They deeply sympathized with the bitter experience Su Luo was about to suffer.

How-however, they were astonished again!

Their family's Highness unexpectedly wasn't angry. Not only was he not angry, but instead, he openly started to laugh heartily. He was laughing so hard that his body started to rock back and forth.

Once he finished laughing, wouldn't he execute the punishment?

Nope, he didn't, their Highness not only didn't penalize this Miss, but he was actually pleased as a punch and hugged her. He was continuously trying to exploit any chance to get closer to her, the more that Miss tried to resist, the more enthusiastic he became. The style was simply like that of a lecher.

Finished, finished, His Highness's body was definitely possessed... If it were not so, then this Miss would have already died eight to ten times. Then, how could she still be sitting at the dining table eating her meal?

No matter how shocked, incredulous and mind-boggled the servants were, Nangong Liuyun was just like so, forcing Su Luo to swallow down that enormous bowl of food.

Su Luo, without much choice, was finally able to put down her bowl and chopsticks. Her cold gaze looked straight at Nangong Liuyun: "Okay, now that I have also eaten a meal, shouldn't you let me return to my manor?"

She had already come out for a while now, if she returned too late, she couldn't guess what other things might happen in the manor. Su Qing and Su Xi were both covetously watching her courtyard.

Nangong Liuyun calmly placed a hand on the table, slanted his head, and faintly smilingly glanced at her: "Little Luo Luo, you really want to go back?"

"What do you mean?" Su Luo's expression tightened.

Nangong Liuyun's perfectly composed expression while watching Su Luo made her heart feel somewhat scared.

Nangong Liuyun's brows knotted, then a smile appeared on his handsome face and opening his arms, his hands beckoned towards Su Luo.

Su Luo suspiciously threw a glance at him, but couldn't contain the curiosity in her heart. She took a few small steps to walk towards him until she stood firmly in front of him, and said with a frown: "If you have something to say, say it. Don't be so mysterious and secretive."

Able to use this kind of tone and attitude to speak to His Highness Prince Jin, in the entire world, there was only one person, Su Luo.

Only Su Luo herself didn't know it.

Nangong Liuyun didn't seem to mind the tiniest bit with regards to Su Luo's attitude. He stretched out his hand and with one pull, encircled Su Luo in his embrace. When Su Luo started to struggle, he was unruffled and calmly said one sentence: "Little Luo Luo, based on your intelligence, could it be that you have never thought about the current situation?"