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Chapter 258 – Prince Jin’s Royal Manor (9)

Chapter 258 - Prince Jin's Royal Manor (9)

Even the genius among geniuses, the legendary His Highness Prince Jin, was stunned stupid by Su Luo's kind of promotion speed.

"In the end, how did you practice?" A touch of astonishment passed through Nangong Liuyun's normally indifferent gaze.

Even Nangong was surprised by this, so her cultivation speed was really so amazing? Thinking up to here, Su Luo inevitably became somewhat proud of herself. She raised an eyebrow, smiled and very innocently said: "Just causally practiced some and was promoted, was it supposed to be very difficult?"

Nangong Liuyun speechlessly patted her head. A faint tender expression appeared on his face, he let out a sigh: "Exceptional talent is only just like this. I really want to know, girl once you grow up, what kind of alarming and extraordinarily splendid person you will become."

Su Luo looked at him with an somewhat inquisitive expression, her beautiful pupils lit up and quickly roamed around: "Don't tell me my cultivation speed is faster than yours?"

Nangong Liuyun really didn't want to speak to her anymore. His poised and noble handsome face had a complex expression. He finally answered after a long time: "This king cultivated to the second rank using a period of six months. Still remembered at that time the teacher said that this king's cultivation speed, since time immemorial, is ranked first. Now you have smashed this record."

His straight, ink-black hair gave off a slight gloss. His body had a faint aromatic fragrance. He unblinkingly stared at her with a mysterious and bewitchingly hypnotizing gaze that was as bright as the starlight.

Even Nangong used a period of six months before reaching the second rank, she herself merely needed about half a month...the arc at the corner of Su Luo's mouth started to expand. It continued to expand until finally she simply couldn't suppress her happiness anymore and almost let out cheering sounds.

"Bang--" Nangong Liuyun lightly tapped her head, his deep black eyes carried a touch of seriousness and prudence: "Girl, no matter how you did it, but bear in mind, you must followed the right path. Cultivation is not something that happens overnight and it requires endless years of time. The further you go, the harder the demons in your heart will be to overcome, do you understand?"

Could it be that Nangong thought she had strayed to the demonic path of cultivation? In fact, she was clearly practicing the Great Dimensional Imprint given to her by the Venerable divine dragon. Furthermore, she had matched it with the slowed time in her space to achieve such a fast practice speed.

Su Luo once again stopped her words, should she tell him the matter concerning the Venerable divine dragon? If she told him, then she might not be able to protect the little divine dragon's identity...Nangong Liuyun, did he deserve her wholehearted trust?

At this moment...Su Luo hesitated.

Nangong Liuyun's dazzling star-like eyes dimmed for a split second. His lazy expression also had a touch of hurt, he vigorously rubbed her head. His tone was brisk and blithe: "What are you thinking about? You can be at ease, would this king really covet your cultivation methods?"

"I...." In a split second, Su Luo almost blurted out the words, however suddenly, an incomparably beautiful and delicate face flickered through her head.

That was his childhood sweetheart, his cherished girlfriend that he indulgently pampered.

She really wanted to ask, if she told him, then if one day the Jade Lake's fairy interrogated him, would he tell her?

In just a split second of time, the words on the tip of Su Luo's tongue stopped.

She really didn't want to think a person's heart would be so sinister, and she also couldn't bear to use this secret to probe Nangong because it would be too cruel.

She still couldn't wholeheartedly give her trust to him, ah....Nangong Liuyun turned his head away.

Outside, the warm spring had arrived with flowers blooming, the sunlight was just right. But he was unable to feel the warmth, this him that was feeling dejected had his mood instantly hit the bottom.

"Nangong..." Taking note that his mood was not good, Su Luo wanted to step forward to comfort him.

"Silly girl, tidy up your things, then you can go out so as to not catch a cold." Nangong's pleasant manner was like a temperate cloud and gentle wind as he rubbed her head. His actions were as gentle as before and his eyes still carried the same indulgent spoiling manner. However, this made Su Luo's heart tightly clench in pain.