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Chapter 257 – Prince Jin’s Royal Manor(8)

Chapter 257 - Prince Jin's Royal Manor(8)

There were actually people who dared to put a tracking imprint on his girl! Good, very good, extremely good. Even though Nangong Liuyun was smiling, his smiling expression never reached his eyes. People who understood him knew that at this moment, he was truly angry.

And once His Highness Prince Jin became angry, the consequences would absolutely be exceptionally grave!

"Tracking imprint? What kind of thing is that?" Su Luo's head was raised like a curious baby.

In her memories, this kind of high level information indeed didn't exist.

Nangong Liuyun was tenderly washing her hair, as a grim and murderous expression flashed through his eyes. However, his voice was still incomparably soft and gentle: " Tracking imprint ah. It is a kind of tool, and only a seventh rank or higher expert could make such an imprint mark."

"Liu Chengfeng's family had a seventh rank or higher expert?" Su Luo's heart was slightly startled.

"That they don't have. However, this tracking imprint in fact can be purchased at an auction with a lot of gold coins." Nangong Liuyun's slender fingers gently wrung her hair dry. Afterwards, he used a clean embroidered towel to wipe Su Luo's jet-black long hair, "Do you know where the opponent had placed the tracking imprint?"

A light bulb suddenly lit up in Su Luo's mind, with a distracted and stunned expression, she pointed to her own hair: "Here?"

Nangong Liuyun indulgently and in a spoiling manner hooked her nose a few times, his eyes were filled with tender sentiments: "You are still not considered very dumb."

Su Luo helplessly sighed: "It's no wonder! It's no wonder that Liu Chengfeng could dispatch people that followed my trail. As it turned out, it was because of this. But since now it's washed off, would it be fine just like this?"

"That will depend on who is washing it." Nangong Liuyun's pair of flowery eyes were giving off soft waves of an intoxicatingly spoiling expression that could drown a person, "If you were to wash it yourself, it would take you until you reach the seventh rank before you can wash it away."


At this moment, Su Luo was practically fuming with rage between gritted teeth!

Damn you Liu Chengfeng, you actually planted such a malicious tracking imprint on this lady! If this lady didn't reach the seventh rank, if she didn't have the seventh ranked Nangong Liuyun's help in washing it off, then even if she was buried under the mud, she would still have been found?

At this moment, with regards to this unknown world, Su Luo had a kind of unprecedented reverence in her heart.

"No need to be afraid, you have this king here." Nangong Liuyun stood up while speaking, his strong arms bringing her into his embrace. His eyes were firmly locked onto her, resolutely not allowing her to escape, "With this king present, who dares to not grow eyes and bully you? Wants to court death?"

Su Luo lightly returned his look, the corner of her mouth rose slightly. She quietly and coldly said: "I don't need your borrowed kindness, my own hatred, I will avenge personally."

The light in Nangong Liuyun's eyes dimmed for a split second, but very quickly, it once again restored its dazzling luster: "This king actually forgot, You, this girl's talent is at the pinnacle of the best. Come over, let this king have a look. How much progress has this king's little princess made in her cultivation."

Before Su Luo could react, her wrist was already being held by him.

She also didn't know how long Nangong Liuyun was going to test her. He merely placed his white, jade-like lanky finger on her wrist.

In merely a split second, Nangong Liuyun's beautiful pair of eyes which used to looking down on the world, became serious, then started blankly as if in complete disbelief....

The corner of his mouth twitched slightly. After taking a deep breath, he then fixed his gaze on Su Luo. His eyes were full of shock: " are already now at the second rank?"

She was not only at second rank, but also at the peak of the second rank. It was very possible that in the next second, she would break through to the third rank.

This, how could this be possible? Obviously just half a month ago when they parted, she was still a little good-for-nothing. She didn't have a bit of spirit strength back then.

How could there be a person who, in such a short period of half a month, from nothing to having it, from zero, immediately jumping up to the second rank?