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Chapter 254 – Prince Jin’s Royal Manor (5)

Chapter 254 - Prince Jin's Royal Manor (5)

Originally as a chamberlain she was required to kneel and stoop low in humble respect towards His Highness Prince Jin, but Su Luo took this opportunity to take a shortcut and merely kneeled on a single knee.

And His Highness Prince Jin also pretended to not see it, as if he was still unaware.

"Give this king a back massage" His Highness Prince Jin calmly tossed Su Luo a loofah clothing, as if by rights he should naturally enjoy the service provided by her.

Now, his beautiful back had been steamed by the heat till the water on his skin was giving off a glossy luster, effused with faint pink fluorescence. It was simply seductive enough to make a person commit a criminal offense.

Evildoer ah, evildoer...... Su Luo's heart silently cursed, although her hand never stopped. Through the soft loofah clothing she started to carefully scrub his back clean.

His Highness Prince Jin's phoenix-like eyes narrowed slightly, carrying a trace of mistiness from the water vapour, seemingly very content.

The corners of Su Luo's mouth curled into a faint smile full of an indiscernible meaning.

Back massage? Nangong Liuyun, you are really enjoying this huh. It's a pity, you left your back unguarded and completely exposed to others, you were truly audacious.

One of Su Luo's hand was carefully rubbing his back, it kept on scrubing his back, while her other white and slender hand noiselessly approached His Highness Prince Jin's snow white neck. She lifted that hand and skillfully chopped down at that place!

In such close proximity, the completely unguarded His Highness Prince Jin...... in a normal course of events, it was a strike that would certainly succeed.

However, the disparity in their levels was too big and their strengths far too distant from each other. To the extent that the action His Highness Prince Jin took could only be seen as a blurred and lightning fast moment.

It was like his back grew eyes and his fine boned, slender large hand deftly gripped Su Luo's hand that was striking down like a knife. He easily spun Su Luo to be in front of him with a tug.

All that could be heard was a "bang" sound.

Su Luo's whole body had been whipped into the water's surface. Then before she could react, His Highness Prince Jin had already sat her onto his thigh. He unhurriedly tidied up her black hair that had been drenched and disheveled by the water.

That calm and composed appearance of his, made Su Luo really want to send a punch his way.

Moreover, as he slowly tidied up her hair for her, he also let out a gasp of surprise.

Su Luo angrily glared at him, but His Highness Prince Jin merely began to laugh bewitchingly: "Strange, it's strange! How did this king's little manservant turn into a woman?"

Su Luo's makeup disguise was very simple; after being soaked in water, her original appearance would appear.

"Nangong Liuyun, that's enough from you!" Su Luo angrily glared at him. She felt that she had lost a great deal of face.

Not only did her sneak attack fail, she was even caught red-handed. This by itself wasn't much, but unexpectedly, even her disguise had been uncovered and her identity was exposed on the spot.

With this situation, wasn't her previous patience and endurance all for naught? Moreover, with this vile man Nangong Liuyun's character, she doesn't know in the future how he would make fun of her.

See, wasn't he mocking her right now?

Seeing the little girl in front of him huffing and puffing angrily. Then recalling the act she had just put on disguised as his manservant, Nangong Liuyun suddenly felt that it was really very funny.

The more he thought, the funnier he felt it was. Suddenly, he laughed so hard that his whole body slouched against the suet white jade wall with both of his hands pounding the water surface. It seemed as if he had to laugh so badly that he couldn't hold it back anymore.

"Hey! Nangong Liuyun, that's enough from you, stop laughing! If you keep laughing, be careful that I'll beat you to death!" The more he laughed, the more humiliated Su Luo felt. Therefore she stood up flying into a rage because of the humiliation. Her hands were at her waist in a threatening posture.

"Okay, okay, no more laughing, no more laughing." Nangong Liuyun held back his laughter with great difficulty, before raising his eyes to meet Su Luo's angry little face. A split second later, he let out a "pffft" sound and started laughing all over again.

"Nan, Gong, Liu, Yun!" Su Luo pounced at him to try to pinch his cheeks.

However, just as she was approaching, Nangong Liuyun's slender calf that was submerged in water hooked over ever so slightly. Suddenly, Su Luo who was standing became unsteady and directly threw herself towards his rock solid strong chest--