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Chapter 253 – Prince Jin’s Royal Manor (4)

Chapter 253 - Prince Jin's Royal Manor (4)

Su Luo was stupefied by the beautiful scene in front of her, temporarily, she could not return to her senses.

"Wait upon this king during my bath." His Highness Prince Jin's voice was demonically charming and languid. Inadvertently, a faint smile full of roguish meanings surfaced in his eyes.

A pity Su Luo was gaping blankly at the beautiful scene in front of her. Thus, she was unaware of the corner of His Highness Prince Jin's mouth evoking a slight self-satisfied smug smile.

"Wait upon this king during my bath, didn't you hear what I said?" His Highness Prince Jin's pair of pupils had the luster of gems. He turned around and walked towards a side wing in the manor.

His handsome body was sculpted and tall, giving off an outstanding and noble aura. Even the view of his back was just like the gods, so distinguished that it made people look up to him worshipfully.

To bathe? These two words spread to Su Luo's ear, was transmitted to her central nervous system, then the brain, to process. Finally, information was sent back to her consciousness, in the next instant, Su Luo's entire body was unable to move.

To bathe? Wait upon him while he was bathing?

Nangong Liuyun,this bastard...was he teasing her? Was he playing with her? Su Luo clenched her hands into tight fists, she was silently cursing him in her heart.

At this time, although she didn't want to admit it, Su Luo had a faint suspicion: Could it be that this bastard really had an inkling and had made out that it was her?

Should she wash her hands of this and immediately leave? Or should she directly flip her lid at him?

In Su Luo's head, the rational part of her and the impulsive part of her fought again and again. They fought until it was hard to separate them, and also difficult to determine the outcome of this battle.

While she was having difficulty making a decision, His Highness Prince Jin suddenly stood still. His beautiful eyes turned back, calmly and composedly casting a quick glance at her, with his dark red lips curving upwards: "The result of going against this king, you could automatically imagine."

A threat! This was indeed a naked threat!

If she was indeed going to be dragged out and punished with caning, then in the end, wouldn't she have exposed her own identity?

Rather than weeping bitterly and begging for forgiveness at that time, it was better to grin and bear with it now and carefully wait upon him just this once.

When she found an opportunity....wait until she was out of Nangong's line of sight. She would immediately look for an opportunity to escape from Prince Jin's Royal Manor. That's right, she would promptly flee far away.

Su Luo made a fist on the sly to encourage herself. She squeezed out a stiff smile on her face, and in a flattering manner, she took a few small quick steps to catch up to him: "What kind of thing is His Highness saying? How could this lowly servant dare to disobey you? I have now come immediately to wait upon you."

His Highness Prince Jin nodded slightly, as if he was very satisfied with Su Luo's reaction.

Such a huge palatial room in the side wing, with steam rising in spirals leading to a dense mist.

His Highness Prince Jin wasn't wearing a stitch of clothing on his body. His jade-like body was soaking in the hot springs water. His pitch black hair as black as ink was loosely tied with a band of red silk. He looked sensually alluring and wildly coarse.

Small drops of water rolled down his beautiful back that was as smooth as jade. The clear and translucent droplets dripped onto the water surface, setting off tiny ripples with every drop.

The exquisite, beautiful, porcelain-like skin amongst the dense steam was suffused with a faint pink color. Water droplets continuously dripped down, even though it was only a beautiful back, it was already enough to birth an appetizingly steaming sexy work of art that could suffocate a person.

Although it wasn't the first time she saw it, Su Luo still felt some tightness in her throat. She slightly turned her face away.

Evildoer ah, evildoer.

He was an evildoer from the ninth layer of the heavens, why would he come to earth to wreak havoc on humanity? This kind of evildoer, who was able to withstand against him?

"Come here." Just when Su Luo was in the midst of indulging in flights of fancy, His Highness Prince Jin turned to the side and looked at her. A pair of beautiful pupils that was like the black pearls in the deep sea gleamed dazzlingly, unblinkingly staring at her.

Just two short words, yet they carried a king's powerful prestige that would not tolerate any opposition.

Su Luo secretly raised an eyebrow. You want me to go over, then I'll go over. In any case, the person who was being looked at all over wasn't her. Besides, this rarely seen beautiful scenery in the world, if she didn't enjoy it properly, wouldn't it be such a waste?

Better yet, give her a camera to take some shots of his nudity, presumably, it would sell for a high price,right?

Su Luo, while silently cursing him, walked over to His Highness Prince Jin's side. She crouched down respectfully: "Your Highness, what orders do you have?"