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Chapter 252 – Prince Jin’s Royal Manor (3)

Chapter 252- Prince Jin's Royal Manor (3)

He was only left wearing a thin white inner robe, what else was there left to take off! Su Luo become furious, she was glaring at His Highness Prince Jin with both eyes.

His Highness Prince Jin slightly inclined his head. His incomparably handsome face was expressionless, arrogantly towering over her and looking down at her: "Are you going against this king's orders, Su Yun?"

His tone was very level, very steady and very serious, as if judging this matter completely without any emotion.

Su Yun... Hearing such a pain in the ass name, Su Luo was full of resentment.

This situation would overwhelm any person.

There was nothing she could do about it. Su Luo stepped forward with a bitter expression.

However, the first button of the Chinese-style robe was at his Adam's apple.

With just one glance, Su Luo could see His Highness Prince Jin's bulging Adam's apple. It was moving up and down erotically; so wild and coarse that made her unable to bear it, as her face blushed from her speeding heartbeat.

Su Luo discovered her hands were disappointingly trembling.

If it was anyone else, Su Luo would naturally not have such a large reaction. However, this person unfortunately turned out to be Nangong Liuyun.

With regards to Su Luo, he was special.

She clenched and unclenched her fist, Su Luo's fair, slender hand slowly wandered over his beautiful, fine, porcelain-like neck.

Su Luo consciously sucked in a deep breath, but unexpectedly, this breath that she inhaled was too sudden and too quick, making her unable to suppress a loud cough from coming out.

"Cough, cough, cough--"Su Luo started to cough really violently, and it took quite a while for her to stop it.

Such a clumsy chamberlain, if it was any ordinary person, he would have already been dragged out and beheaded. It was only Su Luo that would not be treated as an ordinary person. Nangong Liuyun's oblique gaze that was full of deep meaning unblinkingly stared at Su Luo.

Su Luo somewhat embarrassingly lifted her eyes, meeting His Highness Prince Jin's eyes that were as unperturbed as a clear spring. Only, behind his eyes, he was not at all calm.

"Are you afraid of this king?" A trace of curiosity flashed across His Highness Prince Jin's beautiful eyes. Those star-like black pupils unblinkingly gazed at Su Luo.

"No way! Absolutely not!" How could she be afraid of him? Su Luo, whether in the previous life or this life, did not fear anyone.

"Then...Why did you become so nervous like this? Could it like this king?" His Highness Prince Jin pretended to be worried, without any indignation nor anger, he looked straight at her. His tone was gentle and lazy, extremely pleasant to hear.

"Cough Cough Cough--" Su Luo choked on her own saliva, "I'm a man! Don't you know I'm a man? Could it be that His Highness Prince Jin has an interest in men?!"

In an instant!

The surrounding temperature dropped to the freezing point!

His Highness Prince Jin's ruthless gaze fiercely swept across Su Luo's appearance!

In a split second, Su Luo felt as if a sharp sword was stabbing towards her chest, it was extremely terrifying!

The surroundings became very quiet, neither of them spoke.

Now, Su Luo wished she could slap herself! How could she just...Right now, she wasn't at the Sunset Mountain Range, but at Prince Jin's Royal Manor!

She was not Su Luo, but rather a little servant called Su Yun. This mouth, she couldn't stop it...Su Luo was so vexed that she could just die.

Just at this time, Nangong Liuyun shot her a frosty glance: "This is the first and also the very last time!"

Although His Highness Prince Jin did not say it clearly, Su Luo was very clear about the meaning in his words. This was the last time he allowed her to speak thoughtless words.

"Many thanks, Your Highness." In the end, Su Luo could only brace herself and agreed.

"Humph, it's better to watch what you say." His Highness Prince Jin sneered.

Su Luo started to undo the buttons on His Highness Prince Jin's clothing.

The first button......

The second button......

The third button......

Finally, it was all unbuttoned.

Su Luo let out a huge breath in relief. This breath carried with it a little sound, drawing His Highness Prince Jin's tranquil pair of eyes to sweep towards her.

Now, his inner robe had slipped open on both sides, exposing the beautiful, exquisitely-sculpted porcelain skin inside. The two buds on his chest was faintly discernable, giving off an alluring and enticing radiance.