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Chapter 251 – Prince Jin’s Royal Manor (2)

Chapter 251 - Prince Jin's Royal Manor (2)

Su Luo covertly rolled her eyes. What did he mean by saying the name was not bad? Didn't it just have an additional 'Yun' letter? Look at that narcissistic manner of his.

Without waiting for Su Luo to finish her mental criticism, His Highness Prince Jin once again threw out yet another bomb: "Help this king disrobe."


Su Luo exclaimed in surprise.

The cry sounded very abrupt, it caused His Highness Prince Jin's gorgeous pink lips to raise with amusement. He leaned down as his slender white finger lightly traced and lifted Su Luo's fine white jaw.

This frivolous action, when done by him, somehow held a kind of sensual charm born from natural talent.

This, this could count as being molested right? Su Luo blinked, momentarily stunned.

His Highness Prince Jin met her gaze. His sparkling eyes were bright as the stars while the corners of his lips beguilingly tilted up into a captivating smile: "Are you...afraid of this king?"

When he spoke, the warmth of his breath lingered on her face before drifting to her sensitive earlobe. It gave her a kind of melting tickle that seemed to have even made her four limbs itch. In the end, this sensation also seemed to have infected her heart.

Before her eyes was that face of his with its utmost beauty which could make anyone fall head over heels. It could even cause indignation among both humans and gods. Her nose was filled with his masculine smell, as if every breath she took his scent would permeate and fill every corner of her heart and chest.

At this moment, Su Luo seemed to have fallen into a trance, with charming colors everywhere. It was as if there was tangled web spread in all four directions and she was the sparrow stranded in the middle of it, constantly struggling to break free.

However, this poor sparrow would struggle fruitlessly only to tragically discover that there was nowhere to escape to.

Su Luo's mind was filled with wild ideas and her small face turned crimson, as if it was extremely hot.

From an angle unseen by anyone else, a satisfied smile flashed across the corner of His Highness Prince Jin's lips.

"You're afraid of this king?" His voice remained natural, yet it seemed to have grown a little more human-like, with warmth and a touch of playfulness.

"How can that be possible!" Su Luo instantly lifted her head, her small face fixed with determination.

His Highness Prince Jin languidly and charmingly nodded before he stretched out his arms. His voice was melodious and clear: "Help this king undress."

Just why was this man so persistent like this! Su Luo silently cursed without end, yet powerlessly made a sound of agreement.

She slumped as she moved a little closer to His Highness Prince Jin and with a bitter face clumsily grasped the four-finger-width wide darkly embroidered black belt and immediately pulled it off with a whoosh.

Originally, this kind of servant, His Highness Prince Jin would have already bestowed them ten feet of red (1).

Yet at this time, he seemed to have great patience as he stood properly and waited, smiling vaguely while he watched the little girl who barely reached his shoulder height grope him.

His Highness Prince Jin was very tall, so Su Luo could not help but be on tiptoe. During this affair, her fingers would inevitably touch his fine hair, neck and skin. Glancing up, his pair of cold but seemingly smiling eyes met hers and Su Luo's heart started to grow irritable.

Had this bastard finally recognized her or not? In the end, had she been exposed or not? The little devil inside Su Luo was biting her blanket and rolling around on the bed fretting.

But, Su Luo definitely could not ask straight out, right? Wouldn't she be exposing herself that way?

It was not possible to bring up the subject, right? With Nangong's intelligence, a careless sentence would just arouse his suspicions.

Thus it could be said, it was difficult to do. This matter was really very, very difficult to accomplish! In the end, of all the thousand and ten thousand things she should not have done, she should not have used Nangong's carriage to hide from Liu Chengfeng's pursuit. This was just like escaping the wolf's den to immediately enter the tiger's den (2). Sigh. Su Luo made a bitter face and slumped as she thought about it.

Finally removing an outer robe after much difficulty, Su Luo was about to breathe a sigh of relief when who knew, His Highness Prince Jin's cold face frowned again: "Continue with the disrobing."

1) Ten Feet of Red, is an ancient punishment where a two-inch thick and five feet long board is used to hit the bottom of convicts, hitting countless times until both flesh and bone were bloody pulp. When seen from afar, it is a sheet of red, hence the term 'Ten Feet of Red'

P.S. These days, we just give out a pink slip

2) Escaping the wolf's den to immediately enter the tiger's den: Chinese version of "jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire".