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Chapter 250 – Prince Jin’s Royal Manor (1)

Chapter 250 - Prince Jin's Royal Manor (1)

Then, in the end, did he or did he not see through her? Su Luo's inner conflict worsened until even her thoughts became knotted together.

His Highness Prince Jin was encircled by more than ten maids, who clustered around him. escorting him as he moved farther and farther away.

On one hand, Su Luo was letting her imagination run wild, while on the other hand, she was depressedly holding her forehead. She slowly caught up to that huge procession.

Ling Feng gripped his sword with both hands. His eyes were narrowed suspiciously as he sized up this young male servant.

To be chosen by His Highness to serve at his side, this kid's future prospects would be limitless and immeasurable. It was just that, Ling Feng suddenly thought that this slippery and evasive-eyed lad felt very familiar...

Along the way, Su Luo discovered that Prince Jin's Royal Manor was simply covered with gold and jade in glorious splendor, the ultimate luxurious and gorgeous palace.

A new scenery every ten steps, with a person at every five steps. The security of the manor was exceptionally tight.

From her viewpoint, His Highness Prince Jin was dressed from head to toe in a loose gold-edged black gown, with an embroidered hem that swayed and moved like warm clouds. It looked like a foggy mist among the rays of light and shadows. It was the same as his status, so loftily up high and held in awe by the people.

Until this very moment, Su Luo finally realized, that the man before her eyes was His Highness Prince Jin, a legendary noble existence that gathered innumerable praise.

And was not the usual Nangong Liuyun who smiled ingratiatingly and frivolously at her, who was always beseeching and chasing after her, disregarding his own dignity.

From out of nowhere, Su Luo suddenly felt a sense of a small loss. The faint sourness passed by in a flash, such that even she wasn't able to catch it.

After a short while of effort, everyone had escorted His Highness Prince Jin to his main hall.

With the suede white jade flooring, imperial green jade bead curtains and red corals as tall as adult men displayed on either side, the wealth displayed lent a magnanimous, luxurious atmosphere.

His Highness Prince Jin took a step into his bedchambers, the serving maids immediately surrounded him, subserviently removing his crown.

However, His Highness Prince Jin's deep commanding voice sounded: "Withdraw."

All the maids and bodyguards present knelt in obeisance to His Highness Prince Jin. Afterwards, they respectfully left, with a speed almost faster than a person could react to.

At this time, Su Luo pressed herself against the wall, trying to minimize her presence. Hearing His Highness Prince Jin's order, she prepared to slip away the moment her toes touched the ground.

However, His Highness Prince Jin's gaze, which was as deep as the heavens, steadily set on Su Luo. With a genteel and charming voice, his hand beckoned her over: "Come here."

Su Luo's half-fleeing body abruptly paused and glared in annoyance. However, in someone else's territory, she had no choice but to bow her head. Su Luo stiffly turned her head around, and with her right hand pointed at herself, she squeezed out a false smile: "Your Highness, you called for me?"

His Highness Prince Jin had a cold expression, with his long black hair pouring down over his shoulder like a waterfall, he gave off an uninhibited and elegant air.

His head turned slightly. He cast his gaze towards Su Luo with eyes that were as bright as obsidian. His thin lips raised delicately: "What is your name?"

What was her name? Su Luo grew somewhat vexed.

In the end, had Nangong recognised her? Had he recognised her or not?

"Still need this king to repeat it once more?" His Highness Prince Jin's pair of deep, beautiful eyes lazily watched her, carrying a touch of unbridled arrogance.

No, it ought to be that he had not found out! Su Luo secretly encouraged herself. The normal Nangong Liuyun was not like this.

Having thought of this, Su Luo's heart steadied a little. She bowed her head and lowered her eyelids and thought for a long time. Then Su Luo, who was incompetent at coming up with names, softly replied: "This humble one... this humble one is Su Yun."

Su Luo completely did not notice the flash of amusement in His Highness Prince Jin's eyes while he was staring at her head.

After a while, His Highness Prince Jin lightly coughed and finally spoke up once more: "The last name's not that good but the given name is not bad."