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Chapter 249 – Fleeing from the city center (8)

Chapter 249 - Fleeing from the city center (8)

Presently, Su Luo was extremely dismayed to discover that her palms which were tightly gripping the carriage shaft were stuck!

It was as if the bottom of this carriage had superglue, tightly sticking to her palms. No matter how much strength she used, her palms could not move!

At this moment, Su Luo's heart was somewhat alarmed and fearful. .

What just happened? Just now when Ling Feng and Liu Manor's men were fighting, she obviously could still move her hands. Why couldn't she move it now?

Moreover, it was not just both of her hands, even her legs were as if they had grown from the bottom of the carriage, unable to move an inch, much less run away!

Su Luo continued to struggle non-stop, twisting around in an attempt to break free, but all her efforts were futile. At this point, she really was starting to get anxious.

In contrast to this.

Within the carriage, His Highness Prince Jin was lounging on the jade seat. His cascading black hair was as smooth as silk, loosely tied with a ribbon made of red silk. He was idly turning the pages of a book in his hand.

It appeared as if he was thinking of something fun. His long, shapely eyebrows painted in jet-black dye were like morning dew on silk threads. The corners of his lips suddenly hooked up into a bewitching smile that could steal a person's soul. It was as dazzling and eye-catching as the cherry blossoms in March.

His well-defined and slender long fingers continuously tapped on the tabletop. His phoenix eyes were tilted up, with a flash of a playful smile passing through his gleaming eyes.

Struggling to no avail for the entire trip, the Dragon Scaled Horse carried His Highness Prince Jin and Su Luo who was beneath the carriage back to Prince Jin's Royal Manor together.

At the manor's entrance, His Highness Prince Jin stepped out of the carriage, and under the escort of a group of people, headed towards the inner courtyard.

At this time, Su Luo suddenly was astonished to discover that she had recovered her normal ability to move around like before.

Su Luo secretly considered, if she did not leave now, then she would she wait until when? If she waited until Nangong discovered her, then her situation would turn sour.

Su Luo sneakily rolled out from underneath the carriage, just as she got up and was about to flee, all of a sudden, His Highness Prince Jin turned around. His enchanting phoenix gaze burned into that furtive figure.

"You, are you a newcomer?" His Highness Prince Jin's voice was natural, not powerful, angry or intimidating.

Hearing those words, Su Luo's body immediately froze on the spot. Fuck! Why must she be discovered at the last moment? How could she break away?

However, Nangong didn't recognize her right? Su Luo lowered her head. That's right, at this moment, she was disguised as a man. It was reasonable that Prince Jin would not recognize her.

"His Highness is asking you, are you a new servant recruited to the manor?" Seeing Su Luo being slow in replying, Ling Feng coldly swept a glance at her. He stepped forward to grab Su Luo and delivered her before His Highness Prince Jin.

Ling Feng's speed was as fast as the wind, the gap in their levels was too great. Su Luo really had no time to resist.

Currently, Su Luo was mentally crying with resentment. No matter how uncomfortable she was feeling, on the surface, she still faked a submissive yes-man appearance.

Su Luo groveled with fear and trepidation: "Yes, this little one is new here, doing odd jobs in the kitchen, just now went in the wrong direction. This little one will go back right now!" Having said such, Su Luo's feet prepared to slip quickly away.

Who knew, His Highness Prince Jin's black pupils shone with a dark light that rippled uncannily as he nonchalantly said: "Seeing that you appear to be quite clever, from now on, stay by this king's side and personally serve me."

Personally, personally serve him? Su Luo was immediately dumbstruck.

What was Nangong Liuyun doing? Was he doing this on purpose? Did he see through her disguise and was deliberately playing with her? Why was she, who was doing just fine, suddenly was asked to personally wait on him?

Ling Feng unhappily swept a glance at Su Luo: "Why are you still dallying around? Don't delay, go catch up and wait upon him!"

But Su Luo thought it over again, since her own face had been altered so much, by right, Nangong Liuyun should not have seen through her disguise.