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Chapter 247 – Fleeing from the city center (6)

Chapter 247 - Fleeing from the city center (6)

"Yes!" Liu Chengfeng (1) added more exaggerated details as he spoke, "This thief stole away the treasured cyan-colored crystal stone from our Liu Manor, so this one is duty-bound to arrest them. Also, I hope Your Highness Prince Jin will help out by allowing us to continue."

"Such a great Liu Manor could allow a single burglar to steal away the manor's treasure, tsk, tsk. Liu Manor's strength has actually weakened to such a degree." This single, offhand sentence from His Highness Prince Jin's was like a slap that struck heavily on Liu Chengfeng's body.

Liu Chengfeng's face reddened and he stammered speechlessly; the present him was extremely embarrassed.

"Return." His Highness Prince Jin commanded casually; the him right now was not only arrogantly aloof, but also overbearing.

The Dragon Scaled Horse neighed, both of its hooves surged forward as it dashed off.

Yet right at this moment, that little Fox dog was recklessly jumping around on top of the carriage, as if something in there was attracting it.

"Young Master, we searched all of the surrounding area and found no trace of that person." At this time, a servant from Liu Manor returned to Liu Chengfeng's side and reported in a whisper.

Liu Chengfeng watched the constantly pouncing Fox dog and his eyes flashed with a complicated light. It was not difficult to guess, that if the person could not be found in the surroundings, it was because the person was in His Highness Prince Jin's carriage!

But it was His Highness Prince Jin... ...Due to the instinctive reverence for Prince Jin, Liu Chengfeng's heart soured. But then, he suddenly recalled that his family's great grandpa's breakthrough into the seventh rank was already in sight. At that time, he wouldn't necessarily be worse than Prince Jin in strength. By then, they would not need to treat His Highness Prince Jin with such reverence, fear and trepidation.

Moreover, he must obtain this cyan-colored crystal stone!

Liu Chengfeng's revolving thoughts had already reached a decision. He strode forward a step, barring the Dragon Scaled Horse's way and loudly proclaimed: "Your Highness Prince Jin, that thief might have hidden on your carriage. In consideration for your safety, you should still disembark for us to examine your carriage thoroughly, lest the thief cause you harm."

Liu Chengfeng brought a bunch of martial artists who were from his side. The group of people stood fixed in place ahead, encircling the Dragon Scaled Horse in the middle. Even though his tone was polite, he assumed a forceful attitude, coercing His Highness Prince Jin to get out of his carriage.

Within the carriage, His Highness Prince Jin's dark red thin lips raised faintly, carrying an air of unbridled arrogance. He gave a deep and demonically charming chuckle: "Liu family's boy, are you threatening this king?"

Liu Chengfeng's heart was unsettled but he carried on with the same expression, laughing along with him: "I don't dare, wouldn't dare. This one only wanted to invite His Highness Prince Jin out of his carriage to rest a little. This will give this one a chance to offer your highness a cup of tea, how about it?"

His Highness Prince Jin did not speak.

It seemed very quiet inside the carriage.

After a long while, a mild 'humph' sound came from within the carriage.

Only a light 'humph', intimidated everyone at the scene. No one dared to make a sound and everyone had their heads lowered in fear and trepidation, including Liu Chengfeng.

"You still insist?" His Highness Prince Jin's voice was natural, indolent yet bearing a chill, demonically-refined and unfathomably enigmatic.

"Yes, will your Highness Prince Jin please get out of the carriage." Liu Chengfeng clenched his fists and forced his own legs not to tremble.

His Highness Prince Jin seemed to find this situation very laughable. He raised his voice and uttered a laugh: "Drink tea? 'chuckle'. Ling Feng, offer them some of Prince Jin Royal Manor's blood tea to drink, see if it suits their taste."

"Yes." Ling Feng's reply was crisp and immediate.

Before his words even reached them, his longsword was already out of its scabbard.

Su Luo. who was hiding underneath the carriage, did not know not what maneuver Ling Feng attacked with. However, she could still hear the unending sounds of the longsword slicing through the air, constantly spewing out a blood mist. The broken limbs were like debris flying in all directions, along with mournful, shrill screams crying out non-stop... ...

In fact, all of this actually took place within a split second.

1) Noticed by Neverim: Liu Chengfeng's given name in Chinese sounds the same as Liu Becoming Insane, which is what we see in this chapter... who in their right mind stops that guy's car- I mean carriage...