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Chapter 246 – Fleeing from the city center (5)

Chapter 246 - Fleeing from the city center (5)

That servant who was slapped by Liu Chengfeng now really wouldn't dare to disobey. He could only go and flag down the Dragon Scaled Horse.

"Stop! Quickly stop this horse carriage!" The Liu residence's servant, with both hands placed at his waist and an unafraid-to-die attitude, stood directly in the middle of the street to try to stop the Dragon Scaled Horse.

But, how could the Dragon Scaled Horse be that easy to stop?

Seeing a person who didn't know what's good for him blocking the road ahead, the bold and powerful Dragon Scaled Horse raised its pair of front hooves and unhesitantly kicked at that person.

"Ouch--" Immediately, the body of that Liu resident's servant was kicked, flying high into the sky and making an arc in mid-air. Finally, with a 'thump' sound, he fell to the ground. When he landed on the ground, his body had already broken into pieces that were beyond recognition.


Just in this split second, the originally bustling and noisy broad street became silent. Without exception, everyone inhaled a mouthful of cold air. They stared at the sparking scales covering the entire body of the Dragon Scaled Horse that was shining under the sunlight with stupefied expressions.

Liu Chengfeng was also dumbfounded by this fast-changing scene that arose abruptly, but in the next instant, he very quickly returned to his senses. He took a deep breath and started to curse and spew out abuse. However, he only saw the Dragon Scaled Horse carriage driver's unsympathetic face. He coldly swept Liu Chengfeng a glance: "Daring to block the Dragon Scaled Horse, he deserves to die!"

Underneath the carriage, Su Luo immediately rolled her eyes.

Ling Feng, in front of Nangong Liuyun, was as obedient as a kitten. She didn't expect that in front of other people, he had such an awe-inspiring, authoritative manner.

Dragon, Dragon Scaled Horse? Liu Chengfeng's heart was given a huge shock. Just now, he finally recognized that the horse standing proudly in front of him was none other than His Highness Prince Jin's Dragon Scaled Horse.

Surveying this entire world, this unique and unparalleled Dragon Scaled Horse was a symbol of His Highness Prince Jin's noble identity.

Liu Chengfeng's breath was suddenly stuck in his throat, it couldn't go up or come down. He could only choke on it until he was flushed red in the face. Just a moment ago, he really had...ahhh, to actually let someone obstruct His Highness Prince Jin's Dragon Scaled Horse!

Very quickly, Liu Chengfeng returned to his senses. His face had a fawning expression as he moved up to the carriage, brimming with enthusiasm. He had a flattering smile on his face: "Didn't, didn't expect that His Highness Prince Jin is here. Yes, yes, this humble servant was too impulsive. Hope your Highness Prince Jin won't take offense, please by all means, do not take offense."

At this moment, Liu Chengfeng's posture was lowered subserviently.

Inside the carriage was quiet, not a trace of sound could be heard. However, there was a kind of oppressive pressure that people couldn't ignore coming from within.

He hoped it would be so, Liu Chengfeng's heart was trembling in fear. He was scraping and bowing, with cold sweat constantly coming out of his forehead. His body was shuddering non-stop.

After a seemingly long time, only then did a muffled, demonically charming voice come from within the carriage: "What are you people busy doing?"

This sound was mild and gentle like nature, it was unhurried, demonically charming and deep.

Everyone without exception was speculating, with such a demonically charming and languid sound, what kind of outrageous face would go with this voice? It was a pity that His Highness Prince Jin had always stayed in and gone out without much fanfare. Thus, very few people ever saw his real appearance.

At this moment, everyone present at the scene were all holding their breath, watching with rapt attention. They were afraid that if they spit out a mouthful of impure air, they would profane the one and only incomparable person in this world, His Highness Prince Jin.

The people around couldn't help but to voluntarily bend at the waist and kneel down. In front of His Highness Prince Jin, who dared to be bold enough to have their head high and chest out?

Prince Jin would look at the world disdainfully from the corner of his eyes, like a lord looking over the lands he reigned over.

Even when he was merely sitting within a horse carriage, that formidable, domineering, kingly aura was also impossible for people to ignore.

Liu Chengfeng did his best to restrain the panic in his heart, lowered his voice and said: "Reporting back to Your Highness Prince Jin, a thief entered our Liu Manor. We lost an extremely precious treasure. This humble servant, under the order of the family's lord and master, is tracking down to arrest the thief. I never expected that this would trouble His Highness Prince Jin."

"Thieves?" Inside the carriage, the corner of His Highness Prince Jin's mouth hooked into a thoughtful smile, his entire person looked very indolent.