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Chapter 245 – Fleeing from the city center (4)

Chapter 245 - Fleeing from the city center (4)


That Fox dog's eyes were fixed on her and dashing towards her, this posture...clearly, it recognized her and was rushing straight at her!

Su Luo's heart abruptly jumped!

Although she didn't know the reason, only that the Fox dog had identified her, and that was a fact.

If it was only Liu Chengfeng alone, then she could still risk a direct fight. However now, Liu Chengfeng had obviously come prepared, at his side, he brought a countless number of experts. She, herself, was unaccompanied, how could she contend and win against him?

What's more, in this kind of situation, even sneak attacks or feints were useless.

At such a critical juncture, there was no benefit to thinking too much, the only way out was to: RUN!

Run past the danger this time first, then discuss things after!

Now Suo Luo couldn't even describe how wronged and stifled her heart felt.

No matter how she analyzed it, she couldn't figure out why even after she had changed her clothes and altered her appearance, Liu Chengfeng was still able to track her down. Thinking along this line, the two times she was tailed before should also have been the work of Liu Chengfeng.

Su Luo surreptitiously clenched her fists tightly. This person truly wouldn't just disappear, his influence still lingered. Wait until there was an opportunity, then she must get rid of him, otherwise he would cause trouble to no end.

Su Luo ran as if she was flying, her body moved fast like lightning. Yet, behind her, Liu Chengfeng and his group of experts pursued relentlessly, unwilling to let her go. The chase became closer and closer.

Looking on as it happened, the distance between both sides was pulled closer, drawing nearer...

The originally bustling and lively East Street's main road, because of this dramatic pursuit, was now thrown into disorder, with people sent flying and hopping about. It was a complete mess, everyone was afraid of being dragged in, and tried to keep away or flee.

Inwardly, Su Luo's heart was anxious. Not good. If she didn't make some changes, sooner or later they would catch up to her!

If Liu Chengfeng merely wanted the cyan-colored crystal stone, then that's okay. However, he had mustered such a large force, this clearly meant that he fancied her as a cash cow. If she was captured by him, then very likely, she wouldn't have any good days to live in the future!

Cold dread flashed across Su Luo's eyes. All of a sudden, she saw not far from her, a horse carriage was dashing over here.

Dragon Scaled Horse!!!

Immediately, Su Luo's heart rejoiced.

What did the Dragon Scaled Horse represent? Su Luo understood this more than any other person.

At this time, should she loudly appeal to Nangong Liuyun for help?

No way, that would lower her self-worth too much.

Su Luo's eyes flashed, she was set on her decision. Before she had spared no effort and tried everything, she absolutely must not request his help. Owing debt to others was tolerable. If she was to owe Nangong Liuyun a personal favor, then when the time came, she would have to pay with her own flesh. What would she do then?

While Su Luo's heart was fluctuating, she had already made a decision.

Under the cover of a wall, she waited until the Dragon Scaled Horse rushed past. Then, she quietly hooked onto the carriage's wall. She turned around and secretly slipped underneath the carriage. Both of her hands were extended and stuck to the red sandalwood boards on the bottom of the carriage. Her body was parallel to the bottom of the carriage.

And Liu Chengfeng who was pursuing closely behind her, unwilling to let her go didn't expect that in a blink of an eye, not a trace of Su Luo could be seen. Immediately, his expression became exceptionally ugly.

A servant with good eyesight promptly went to stand next to him, lowering his voice, in Liu Chengfeng's ears, he said: "Second Young Master, this servant saw that youngster hide in the horse carriage just now."

"Then why haven't you stopped that horse carriage without delay? Want to die!" Liu Chengfeng was angered so much that he directly hit him with his whip.

"But that is...:"

Before the servant's words were completed, he was slapped back by Liu Chengfeng: "Regardless of whose horse carriage it is, you must keep it here for this lord. Did you hear me loud and clear? No matter whose horse carriage!"

The last sentence, Liu Chengfeng had said while grinding his teeth and emphasizing every word.

That cyan-colored crystal stone, with regards to the Liu residence, was really too important. Just now, Elder Liu had passed on a message stating that he must get a hold of that piece of cyan-colored crystal stone. He should not spare any means to get it. Therefore, with the support of Elder Liu, Liu Chengfeng's confidence now was naturally quite excessive.