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Chapter 242 – Fleeing from the city center (1)

Chapter 242 - Fleeing from the city center (1)

The little divine dragon's mouth turned into a somewhat chagrined pout. He hadn't expected it either.

Obviously he wanted to puff out some fire, who knew he would spit out water instead? Even if he wanted to control it, he wasn't able to control it~~

"A mythical beast! This is a mythical beast! Definitely a mythical beast!" Suddenly, the short guy appeared as if he had discovered a huge secret and started to yell out loud in excitement. Abruptly, he came to his senses and glared at Su Luo with his cold and gloomy eyes: "Since it's this way, then I'll let you live an extra day!"

Because of the sudden appearance of an unaccounted for mythical beast from out of nowhere, the short guy wasn't certain he could kill the opponent under these circumstances, and to also snatch away the mythical beast. The most dependable method was to bring this news back and let the leader deal with it.

If the leader knew there was such a mythical beast, presumably he would be extremely happy! The short guy's heart was full of elation.

The short guy had barely finished speaking before his body was like an arrow shot out of a bow, flying forward rapidly.

"Absolutely must not let him escape, otherwise, this will cause trouble to no end!" A touch of uneasiness appeared in Su Luo's heart. The opponent knew about the little divine dragon's existence. If this news were to spread out, it would be very troublesome for her. Then in the future, she wouldn't have any peaceful days

Thinking up to here, a desire to commit murder appeared in Su Luo's eyes, which shot out a cold aura.

"Swoosh!" Su Luo's speed reached her limit, the dagger in her hand held high as she threw it at the short guy's back. Trying to kill him with one hit.

However, the disparity between their levels in cultivation became obvious at this time.

The short guy seemed to have grown eyes behind his back, his body rapidly leaned to the left, easily avoiding this move. The dagger fell to the ground with a 'thump' sound.

The short guy's thoughts returned, he contemplatively and disdainfully said: "Want to kill I, your daddy? In the next life! Hahahahaaaaa--"

Once he finished speaking, before he could turn around and continue running, all of a sudden, a frightening thunderbolt struck down from the empty and clear sky. Just by chance, it struck him on the head.

In a split second, the short guy appeared to have been fixed in place. His body was rigid like a wooden stake.

Originally, the short guy would have been fine. However, who told him to have been covered with water sprayed on his head by the little divine dragon. At this moment, his entire body was soaking wet, from top to bottom. Therefore, when the scorching lightning hit him, his whole person was electrocuted. He began to shake from head to toe, moreover, black smoke puffed out continuously from his head.

"Good! This is great, quickly continue, continue to release more!" Su Luo originally was worried, seeing this, she immediately became excited. She urged the little divine dragon, while cheering him on.

Yes, that's right. Just a moment ago, that thunderbolt was shot by the little divine dragon on behalf of the Heavens, as punishment for the short guy's hubris.

In fact, after hearing Su Luo's words, the little divine dragon wanted to spit out fire, who knew that he would have no control and carelessly spit out a thunderbolt?

Who told him to be a baby dragon, human infants also have control issues with using the toilet and whatnot. Him spitting out the wrong element was also normal.

Originally, he had still been harshly blaming himself. Who would have thought that by a stroke of luck, he successfully electrocuted the short guy. This time, he truly made a profit in the end.

Seeing the villain frothing at the mouth with his entire body shaking, the little divine dragon was exceedingly excited. His mouth started to continue spit out elements non-stop.

One moment it was water, then it was fire, and another minute, out came a thunderbolt!

One could only see the crackle and rattling. Fire sparks flew in all directions endlessly.

And now, the short guy's entire person seemed to be convulsing. His body was unable to stop shaking, the foam in his mouth spurted out continuously, unable to be suppressed. Every single hair on his head stood straight up towards the sky. His entire body was charred black like charcoal, and one almost couldn't make out his real features.

Today's short guy had encountered a lifetime's worth of blood feud and bad luck. He could have chased after and tried to kill anybody else, but he had to go offend Su Luo. Offending Su Luo could be forgiven, unfortunately, either through good luck or bad luck, he ran into the little divine dragon that was flipping out. Therefore, he was doomed to a tragic ending.