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Chapter 240 – Speechless on the spot (13)

Chapter 240 - Speechless on the spot (13)

"No, today you took me to Old Chen's place. This matter alone was worth the price." Su Luo smilingly said.

With regards to Su Luo, this was merely ten gold coins. Having met Old Chen, the king of crystal stones, this matter was of even greater benefit to herself. If it were not for Su Xiaoyuan leading the way, she herself wouldn't have come to the door of Old Chen's residence.

"But...:" Su Xiaoyuan was still afraid to accept it.

Without waiting for Su Xiaoyuan to decline, Su Luo glanced at him sideways: "Rest assured, in the future I still have stuff that I want you to do. You have already completed your task today, quickly go home." In the future, there were still areas where she will need to employ Su Xiaoyuan.

After she finished speaking, Su Luo left without looking back.

This was because she could feel a pair of boiling hot eyes that were fixed on her back.

After turning east then west and then into a dead end alley, Su Luo halted her footsteps. She turned around and smilingly said: "Friends from the Liu family, are you personally sending me home? Now that I have arrived at my family's doorway, do you want to come in and drink a cup of tea?"

Once Su Luo finished speaking, abruptly two figures appeared in front of her.

These two individuals had extremely cold expressions, their eyes were full of murderous light. Step by step, they walked towards Su Luo until finally with one on the left and another on the right they sandwiched her in the middle.

"You guys want to kill me? Why?" Su Luo lifted an eyebrow at the two people.

"You know too much." The very tall guy actually let out a cold snort.

"Voluntarily hand over the cyan-colored crystal stone and we'll leave you a whole corpse, otherwise..."The shorter guy now let out a cold humph sound.

These two's appearance were very nondescript. Placed in a crowd, they would blend in, making it extremely difficult to find them. However, their strength was not low. They were actually at the third rank.

Su Luo was only at the peak of the second rank.

If both were to attack her at the same time, then she absolutely wasn't their match. The only way was to kill off one of them first, then make other plans.

In a short time, Su Luo had thought up of a good plan. She faintly smiled at the shorter guy: "Want the cyan-colored crystal stone? What's so difficult about it? Catch--"

Before she finished speaking, a small piece of crystal stone streaked through the air, shooting towards a distant place.

This toss contained all of Su Luo's strength, therefore that piece of crystal stone flew very, very far.

Su Luo had thrown it in the direction where the shorter guy was, so the shorter guy rapidly ran backwards trying to catch that piece of crystal stone.

How could the taller guy just sit around and watch? His silhouette was like a phantom as he also threw himself into chasing after the crystal stone.

However, he had overlooked that the corner of a certain person's mouth had lifted into a weird smile.

Just when the taller guy's figure passed by Su Luo's side, suddenly a hand imprint appeared out of the blue right in front of him. This large, stable, and steady dimensional imprint smashed toward the taller guy's head.

The unguarded taller guy's head was struck in a flash, he only felt that everything had turned black in front of his eyes. His entire person became somewhat dizzy.

Even though this hand imprint hadn't caused him any real injuries, this sudden attack however had made him pause for just a split second.

Just in this split second, a glaringly cold dagger appeared in Su Luo's hand.

While you are sick, I'll take your life!

This phrase had always been one of Su Luo's principles.

While the taller guy was still dizzy and confused, the dagger in Su Luo's hand unhesitantly sliced toward the vital place on his throat. Immediately, a band of dark red blood burst out from his throat...

"Ahhhh..." The taller guy looked on helplessly as a mist of blood flew out from his throat. He was incredulous as he used his own hand to touch it. With this touch, he froze like a block of ice.

He felt his own life was now flowing quickly away, there wasn't enough time to even do a countdown.