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Chapter 238 – Speechless on the spot (11)

Chapter 238 - Speechless on the spot (11)

When she saw Old Chen who could easily intimidate Liu Chengfeng kneeling in front of her, momentarily Su Luo's mood was somewhat complex.

If it was really like what Old Chen said, wouldn't it be that she had obtained a huge helping hand for free? Old Chen's influence and strength were not low.

However, Su Luo still had a small point that she couldn't figure out, so she straight out just asked: "How did you recognize that I was the one who inherited Elder Zi Huo's legacy?"

She consciously felt that she herself hadn't revealed any flaws.

Old Chen smiled bitterly as he handed over a piece of jade, saying: "Back then Elder Zi Huo had left behind a piece of jade. He said that if the person who inherited his legacy came, this piece of jade would shine. When Miss arrived, this piece of jade really did shine."

There was really something this mystical? Su Luo took the offered blue jade pendant. She looked at it from left to right, up and down, carefully taking its measure. No matter how she looked at it, it looked like a regular jade pendant.

Su Luo returned the jade pendant: "Then you should carefully put it away."

"No, it's better if the Miss takes good care of it." Old Chen's face had an emotionally moved color. "Since I have already found the Miss, this jade pendant is now useless to me. Maybe it will be useful for the Miss."

Since Su Luo couldn't decline it, she had no alternative but to accept.

"These source stones were intentionally saved for the master and I hope the master won't dislike them." Old Chen had already voluntarily changed the forms of addressing people. His manner now also carried a touch of respect.

"Okay." Su Luo didn't try to refuse and very naturally received his good intentions.

Since Old Chen was already one of her people, Su Luo also didn't keep him in the dark. In front of him she waved her hand and took all the source stones into her space.

Old Chen's pupils contracted, incredulously staring at Su Luo: "Space, space mage? Master is actually a space mage?!"

Su Luo smiled faintly and glanced at him: "Is there a problem?"

"No problem, absolutely no problem. I merely didn't expect that master is the rarely seen space mage." Old Chen still somewhat disbelievingly said.

To be capable of obtaining Elder Zi Huo's legacy, the person must be of wood and fire dual elements. However, his family's master in addition to these two was also a space mage that was almost extinct on this continent...When all was said and done, this was how formidable of a talent? Truly, just thinking about it, he was filled with expectation.

Originally, Old Chen had felt a little bit uncomfortable at having to serve such a young Miss. But after Su Luo revealed this skill, he wholeheartedly acknowledged her as his master.

He was looking forward to seeing what height his family's little master would reach in the future when she grew up.

After she had sent all the source stones into her space, Su Luo placed the little divine dragon in her space to peel out the crystal stones. Su Luo along with Old Chen walked out of the basement.

Arriving at the front courtyard, she found that it was clamorous and bustling with excitement. It seemed very lively.

Among the crowd, Liu Chengfeng was standing there dumbstruck. He dumbfoundedly stared at the source stone in front of him. He couldn't believe what he was seeing was real.

Kao Pi crystal stone! He actually spent one hundred thousand gold coins to buy back a piece of cyan-colored Kao Pi crystal stone?!

One was worth merely a few thousand gold and the other was worth one hundred thousand gold. The gap between the two prices was too big. It was so big that Liu Chengfeng was unable to react.

"How can it be like can it be a Kao Pi crystal stone..." Liu Chengfeng's pair of bloodshot eyes rigidly fixated on that fragment. His mouth mumbled words directed at himself. His person was almost entirely stunned into a stupor.

The few people surrounding him continuously shook their heads. Some of them were glad, some sympathized with him, and still more ridiculed him.

"Didn't think this was actually a Kao Pi crystal stone. Fortunately, this old man didn't win the bid. Otherwise, I would have lost miserably right now." Old Li said with some lingering fear over this close call. "Therefore, people would say when gambling with stones: one cut to poverty, one cut to riches, truly hard to tell."