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Chapter 237 – Speechless on the spot (10)

Chapter 237 - Speechless on the spot (10)

"Did you perhaps inherit the teachings of Elder Zi Huo?" Old Chen's pair of old, yellowish grey eyes stared intensely at Su Luo. It flashed with a peculiar expression.

Su Luo was able to perceive Old Chen's esteem and reverence for Elder Zi Huo, which came from the depths of his heart. Subconsciously, she felt that there was no need to continue concealing the truth. So, she nodded slightly and asked: "Yes, I accidentally burst into his cave dwelling and obtained Elder Zi Huo's legacy. But, how could you tell?"

In fact, this point was what Su Luo was most curious about.

How could Old Chen tell that she had inherited Elder Zi Huo's legacy? She simply had not exposed anything.

Right now, Old Chen was completely immersed in his own world. Raising his head, you could faintly see the glistening of tears in his eyes.

"I waited for many, many years, Before, I thought I wouldn't be able to wait for it to arrive in my lifetime. I didn't expect that during the final moments, I really waited and saw its arrival." Old Chen let out a long sigh, his expression was engrossed in remembering the past.

"What do you mean?" Su Luo became even more puzzled.

"Back then, my great grandfather was at Elder Zi Huo's side as his personal servant boy." Old Chen faintly watched Su Luo, "Elder Zi Huo, aside from being the best Apothecary on the continent, was also among only a handful of master stone gamblers. This was still not the most mystical thing. The most mystical thing was that Elder Zi Huo had actually refined a one of a kind drug. A kind--"

Saying up to here, an oddly fantastical light flashed through Old Chen's expression, but all of a sudden, his expression once again dimmed: "This kind of unusual mystical drug, after you take it, it will allow people's eyes to see through the heavens at certain times. The so-called eyes that could see through the heavens is just the ability to see through the outer layers of a source stone into the interior, and determine whether it contained a crystal stone or not."

"Eh?" Su Luo was shocked enough to jump up.

A kind of drug like that actually existed? After taking it, you could see the internal composition of a source stone? How could such a drug that defied nature exist on this earth? Wasn't that against the natural laws of the heavens?

Old Chen looked at Su Luo dully and said: "The most mystical part doesn't reside in its effect, but lies in the fact that, since then, the Chen family had passed on this ability through their bloodline. Moreover, every directly-related descendant all have the ability to see through the heavens."

"Then?" Su Luo became even more incredulous. How powerful of an evildoer was Elder Zi Huo? He could actually....

Subsequently, Old Chen's expression gradually became bleak: "In this world, such a nature-defying drug fundamentally should not have existed. Therefore, the Chen family was doomed through time to suffer the recoil from this drug."

"Recoil?" Su Luo was puzzled.

"The offspring of every generation from the Chen family must serve as Elder Zi Huo's disciple or descendants' side for all generations without ever betraying them." Old Chen paused at every word, clearly stating the reasons, "If the Chen family don't serve at their side, alas, they can't live past one hundred years old."

"How could it be like this..." Su Luo was unable to understand.

"Miss, you don't have to believe me, however, my grandfather and father both really did die on their one hundredth birthday. There has been no exception to this rule." Old Chen's turbid eyes became dim for a split second. He then added another sentence. "At the time of their death, their faces were serene without a touch of bruising, just like that, they died in their sleep. It was exactly the same as what our ancestors told us."

Seeing Su Luo's eyes wide open in disbelief, a trace of a wry smile flashed through Old Chen's eyes: "Therefore, the greatest wish for every generation in the Chen family is to find Elder Zi Huo or the person who inherited his legacy. And afterwards, to serve by their side."

"But..." Su Luo somewhat frustratedly and helplessly motioned with her hands: "Right now, I'm not even an Apothecary. I don't have the ability to undo the curse on your body."

"No, no need to undo the curse." Old Chen kneeled down on both knees with a solemn expression, saying: "I beseech you. If the Miss could accept Old Chen, then Old Chen already couldn't thank you enough."