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Chapter 236 – Speechless on the spot (9)

Chapter 236 - Speechless on the spot (9)

When she asked Su Xiaoyuan, this child simply did not know that Old Chen still had a basement warehouse in his home.

Su Luo's hand held a candle, as she walked down along the meandering flight of steps. Su Xiaoyuan, meanwhile, had been blocked from entering by another person at the basement's entrance.

When Su Luo entered the basement, Old Chen was just using his hand to stand up. He calmly sized her up.

She didn't know why, but getting looked over by that kind of gaze, Su Luo suddenly felt like she had been seen through. It was as if all of her secrets had already been exposed in front of him.

Old Chen merely gave her a sweeping glance, then turned his gaze away. After which he indifferently narrated: "Curious about why this old man treats you so favorably?"

His voice was dark and deep. The huskiness carried many years of hardships.

Su Luo nodded her head, and could not deny it. Compared to Liu Chengfeng, Old Chen had indeed always, intentionally or otherwise, stood by her side. Not only that, with a single glance, he had even managed to detect the little divine dragon's secret...... This point made Su Luo extremely curious.

Old Chen's expression was as indifferent as before, and he merely said: "In here, there is a piece of blue-colored crystal rock; if you can truly pick it out, naturally, this old man will tell you."

Finished speaking, he looked deeply at Su Luo, and then turned around and exited the basement.

What a mysterious old man. Anyway, it didn't matter, she was unable to pick out the source stone, but the little divine dragon could, ah.

Inside the basement, Su Luo scanned her surroundings, doing a full circle. Following her slowly moving gaze, a strange feeling emerged from her eyes.

The basement's lighting was a bit dim, but to Su Luo, this wasn't much of a hindrance.

She looked around closely, yet was once again shocked. Because the basement in front of her eyes, regardless of the area or the arrangement...... Unexpectedly, was an exact copy of Elder Zi Huo's cave dwelling!

At that time, it was at Elder Zi Huo's residence where she obtained her first batch of source stones. It was also the first time she had found out about the existence of source stones.

She didn't expect that the displays arranged here, unexpectedly, resembled those in the cave dwelling.

In the end, just what was the relationship between Elder Zi Huo and Old Chen? Old Chen had given her special treatment compared to others. Was it because he had discovered that she had inherited Elder Zi Huo's legacy, so he would act this way? Su Luo's heart was full of questions.

There weren't that many source stones in the basement, they were all piled up in a corner.

The little divine dragon, following Su Luo's direction, picked out all the source stones in the basement that contained a crystal stone. This selection process unexpectedly shocked Su Luo.

Wasn't the proportion of crystal stones here too high?

Among the thirty source stones, there were twenty pieces that had crystal stones. Furthermore, even the worst grade of crystal stone was orange-colored, and the best...was actually blue-colored.

There really was a blue-colored crystal stone? Old Chen didn't deceive her?

"You actually did find the blue-colored crystal stone." Old Chen quietly appeared, when he saw the source stone containing the blue-colored crystal stone, an odd expression flashed through his eyes.

Su Luo stared at him with a guarded expression, this old man appeared and disappeared abruptly. She also didn't know what was currently going on here.

Old Chen merely waved his hand, indicating that she shouldn't be nervous: "Little Miss, you need not be afraid, this old fellow isn't going to harm you."

Seeing Su Luo's wrinkled brows, a smiling expression appeared in Old Chen's eyes: "Doesn't the little Miss feel that this place seems very familiar?"

Sure enough! Su Luo held the little divine dragon, gently stroking his soft and yielding fur. She nonchalantly looked at him: "Is Uncle Chen quite familiar with Elder Zi Huo?"

Elder Zi Huo, these three words, seemed to be a kind of miraculous magical power. In a flash, it made Old Chen's turbid pair of eyes burst out with an odd and astonished radiance.

Even though he did the utmost to keep it down, Su Luo, however, was able to sense it. Old Chen's excitement right now was because he had heard Elder Zi Huo, these three words. That was the reason why he became so excited.

Su Luo saw that Old Chen's hands, which were concealed by his sleeves, tremble slightly.