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Chapter 235 – Speechless on the spot (8)

Chapter 235 - Speechless on the spot (8)

The Elder in the Liu family had been stuck at the sixth rank for many years, he was at the point of time when he needed crystal stones the most. This cyan-colored crystal stone would probably be extremely helpful to him, helping him ascend to the seventh rank. At that time, the entire Liu family would jump ahead to become the most powerful noble family in the capital. When the time comes, he, Liu Chengfeng, would be greatly rewarded for contributing to the elevation of the Liu family.

In this case, compared to the Liu family's future prospects, this insignificant one hundred thousand gold wouldn't be too high a cost, right? Liu Chengfeng arrogantly thought of this.

"One hundred thousand gold, ah..." Su Luo's forefinger thoughtfully tapped at her chin with a somewhat awkward expression: "Young master Liu, you know, this Miss previously didn't like to sell crystal stones..."

The implication was that even one hundred thousand gold wasn't enough for her to look upon?

Liu Chengfeng's expression stiffened, a dark haze flashed through his eyes.

However before he could yell out loud in anger, Su Luo's tone of voice had already changed: "However, Young Master Liu's price persuaded me. Then, with one hundred thousand gold, I'll transfer it to you."

Liu Chengfeng laughed smugly.

He was under the impression that this loathsome girl's bones were made of unshakable iron. So before, it was because the price he gave was inadequate. It just wasn't enough to move her. Sure enough, the stuff on this earth all had a price. Everything could be bought with gold.

Underneath everyone's gaze, after Second Young Master Liu handed over one hundred thousand gold, that piece of source stone would then belong to him.

Today, Liu Chengfeng could be said to have spent a lot of money on this matter.

First, he was cheated out of a cyan with green-colored crystal stone by Su Luo. Then, he lost one thousand gold coins to Su Luo. Afterwards, because he was snatching source stones from Su Luo again, he had spent close to fifty thousand gold coins. And now, he had given her another one hundred thousand gold coins.

In one day, Liu Chengfeng had spent nearly the entire yearly income from Prime Minister Liu's residence. It could truly be said that this was throwing money away recklessly. However, with regards to this large sum of money, Liu Chengfeng, at this moment, felt it was well worth spending.

Then, what did he really receive in return?

Now, Liu Chengfeng was squatting on the ground, happily looking at this cyan-colored crystal stone that refreshed the mind. His brain was full of delusional fantasies. He imagined that when he went home and when he offered this cyan-colored crystal stone, the surrounding people would admire him. Also, the Elder would have a gratifying, smiling expression.

While happily thinking about this, Liu Chengfeng couldn't help letting out a laugh with a 'pfff' sound.

The surrounding people became somewhat impatient from waiting. Some who were impatient started to loudly urge him: "Could this Second Young Master Liu become stupid from being too happy? However, this crystal stone still hasn't been completely cut out. Who knows if after the following cut, underneath is really a cyan-colored crystal stone?"

"That's right, Second Young Master Liu, stop being so happy. Quickly continue cutting, it's not too late to be happy after cutting it out."

With this, Liu Chengfeng finally returned to reality from his sweet daydreams. He wiped away the saliva that had unintentionally leaked out at the corner of his mouth. He gave a slight cough and seriously said: "Okay, okay, this lord will personally cut this stone, allowing you guys to see with your own eyes how dazzling a cyan-colored crystal stone is."

Liu Chengfeng held the handle of the knife with rapid attention as he held his breath and looked at the source stone in front of his eyes. His expression appeared somewhat indecisive.

Su Luo was disinclined to once again take notice of him.

In any case, no matter how he cut, once this knife sliced down, from inside out, without exception, it was all greyish white-colored waste. No matter what angle he started to cut, the result would be the same.

Because the only place with crystal stone had already been cut open by her.

Moreover, this piece of cyan-colored source stone, was merely a thin layer no thicker than the skin. As to its value, it probably wouldn't exceed several thousand gold.

Having once again successfully defraud Liu Chengfeng, Su Luo's mood started to greatly improve. She crooned a little ditty and with Su Xiaoyuan, walked inside the residence.

Because just now, before Old Chen disappeared, he left her a few words. He asked her to go to the basement to look at the goods.

Su Luo didn't know, that even after such a long time, there was only one person who was asked to go to the basement to look at the goods, and it was only her.