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Chapter 227 – Playing tricks on the pretty-boy (15)

Chapter 227 - Playing tricks on the pretty-boy (15)

He had spent one thousand gold coins here at Old Chen's place and had bought ten lumps of source stone. However, he had not reaped any gains from those source stones. Now, it just so happened he had bumped into an enemy with more money than sense. If he didn't blackmail her, who else was he going to extort money from?

Liu Chengfeng fanned himself, his face had an abnormally sinister smile

Su Luo's brows were tightly creased with a bullied and anxious appearance. "One thousand tael? No way! At most one hundred tael!"

"The price is fixed at one thousand gold coins!" Liu Chengfeng coldy snorted and arrogantly lifted his eyebrows.

"How could you just open with a random price like this? Clearly the previous nine source stones were all cut open and not even a fart could be seen! How could you ask me to also pay your bill for those! Do you really regard me as a fool?" Su Luo glared at him, not at all convinced.

Liu Chengfeng fanned himself and unhurriedly said: "This lord concedes that you said a lot. However, this lord wants you to hand over one thousand gold coins now. Otherwise, that obnoxious puppy of yours will be this lord's compensation. Humph, humph, now you choose."

Su Luo appeared to be at a loss, she hesitated for a while and finally feebly asked: "Couldn't you make it a little less expensive?"

"No way!" The more Su Luo's manner weakened, the more imposing and strong Liu Chengfeng's manner became. He was overbearing and forceful as he waited for Su Luo's response: "One thousand gold coins, the price is non-negotiable! Now reply quickly, are you going to compensate me in gold coins or give me that obnoxious puppy?"

At this moment, Liu Chengfeng really believed that Su Luo was afraid of him.

Su Luo smirked in her head, but her face only revealed an appearance of someone who was about to sob. She thought it over again and again. In the end, she reluctantly handed over her purse to Liu Chengfeng.

Before Liu Chengfeng could take it, Su Luo withdrew her hand.

"What are you doing now?" Liu Chengfeng angrily said as he glared at Su Luo with eyes wide open.

Su Luo merely turned around to look at Old Chen and said to him: "Will Uncle Chen act as a witness for me, please?"

When the time came and the crystal stone was dug out of that source stone, what was to be done if Liu Chengfeng changed his mind and reneged on this deal? There was no doubt Liu Chengfeng was this type of immoral character, doing this kind of thing would indeed be a piece of cake for him.

Just now, Old Chen was able to intimidate Liu Chengfeng to stop with just one sentence. Su Luo was clearly able to understand that Old Chen was Liu Chengfeng's nemesis.

Old Chen took a slight glance at Su Luo. A pair of eyes that had became cloudy with the passage of the years all of a sudden had a fleeting flash of coldy clear rays of light.

He was just like that, unmoving as he quietly sized up Su Luo. His eyes had a complicated expression.

This kind of examining gaze made Su Luo's heart a little upset from fear. She had a faint feeling that since the time she had first taken a step into this residence, Old Chen had an attitude of probing and examining her the entire time. This made her heart become secretly curious.

Sizing her up for quite a while, it was not known how many circles Old Chen's forceful mind revolved around. Finally, he agreed and nodded his head. He indifferently said: "Fine, agreed"

Liu Chengfeng momentarily was stumped for words. This was simply too hard to believe.

Su Luo was unaware of Old Chen's origins, but Liu Chengfeng knew a little bit about it. Otherwise, he as the second young master from the Prime Minister's residence wouldn't be so afraid of the consequences of offending this old man from the marketplace.

From his own impression, this rotten old man was always unsmiling and laconic. For a long period of time, Liu Chengfeng had believed that this rotten old man was mute because he had never seen the old man talk to anyone.

Afterwards, he had come more often and occasionally would hear a word or two from the old man's mouth. However, the majority of the time, Old Chen wouldn't take notice of other people even if that person the Mercenary Union's President, the Venerable Beichen.

However...However this loathsome girl...she would actually invite this rotten old man to act as a witness?

And this rotten old man had actually agreed?

Regarding this issue...Liu Chengfeng become somewhat confused.

In the end, what was the origin of this loathsome girl?