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Chapter 226 – Playing tricks on the pretty-boy (14)

Chapter 226 - Playing tricks on the pretty-boy (14)

He stuck his little butt up high, his thin right hind leg lifted up and aimed at that half of source stone. With a twinkle sound, he let out a stream of yellow pee...

The corner of Su Luo's mouth pursed, not being able to bear anymore, she turned her head away....As his master, how could she not feel embarrassed okay?

Liu Chengfeng's mouth pumped* a few times, and he had a constipated expression on his face. His brows knotted in disgust.

At this time, even Old Chen's sharp-as-a-knife expression also pursed slightly. His ancient, well-like deep pupils which were normally placid now had a thread of laughter.

Because this little guy really was just made people speechless.

Other family's little animals would protect their food, however, nobody had ever heard of one that tried to snatch a source really was an offbeat puppy that was full of mystical characteristics.

Following a period of silence, Liu Chengfeng was the first to react. He glared at Su Luo sinisterly, the corner of his mouth perked up into an evil sneer: "That half of source stone was sullied by your pet. Now, you tell me what should be done."

Hearing his was as if the fault lied with her? However, things ending up this way was not so bad.

Nobody discovered her gaze wandering over with a greedy light, that had disappeared faster than a wink.

Su Luo frowned, she didn't have a worried expression and threw a quick glare at the little divine dragon. Again, she frowned and said to Liu Chengfeng: "Isn't it just some urine on the surface of the source stone? Just cut it away and it would be fine."

Since Liu Chengfeng had already decided to place the blame on her, how could he be made to let go so easily? He was already prepared to extort a lot of money from her and earn back all the money he had lost today from buying source stones.

One could only see that Liu Chengfeng's expression was not agreeable, as he coldly smiled: "You tell me to cut it away, so then I'll just cut it away?"

"Then what do you want? Want me to ask a person to clean it before returning it to you?" Su Luo's expression appeared to be angry in an instant, she fought back with her reply.

"Humph! The surface can be washed clean, but what about luck? Maybe inside it was a green crystal stone worth five thousand kilograms of gold. Since your obnoxious puppy peed on it, all of the luck disappeared. This debt, how do you want to settle it!" Liu Chengfeng arrogantly raised his chin and said forcefully.

"You, your type of person, how can you be so capricious and mule-headed! If there was one inside it, then it has one. If it doesn't have it, then it really doesn't have it. This crystal stone was formed several thousands of years ago. How could it be made to disappear by my puppy's pee? Who are you trying to kid? If you want to extort from me, you should at least make up a good reason!" It seemed as if Su Luo had not been lightly angered. Her face had turned red, and she was stamping her feet in fury.

Yet, the more Su Luo acted this way, the more pleased Liu Chengfeng became. One could only see him laughing evilly repeatedly, pointing at the little divine dragon who was still howling 'awoo, awoo' at half of the source stone: "Isn't it your family's puppy?"

Su Luo nodded her head.

Liu Chengfeng seized this opportunity to pressure her even more: "Did he or did he not just pee?"

Su Luo once again nodded her head.

Liu Chengfeng said with relish: "Then, these gold coins, are you going to compensate for them or not?"

Su Luo frowned, shook her head and said: "That half piece of source stone was already something you discarded and didn't want. How could you ask me for compensation, it's too unreasonable!"

"Humph, who said this lord doesn't want that half piece of source stone? This lord spent money to buy source stones, why wouldn't I want it? You think this lord is wealthy enough to burn money?" The more Liu Chengfeng said, the more he gave off a victorious, imposing manner. Step by step, he pressured Su Luo, "Are you going to pay or not? If you are not going to pay, then this lord will pluck the hair off your puppy one strand at a time and make barbeque dog meat steamed buns out of him!"

Su Luo seemed to have been greatly infuriated, but she had no alternative. Finally, she clenched her teeth and said: "In the end, what do you want to do!"

"One thousand gold coins." With a 'flip' sound, Liu Chengfeng opened his folding fan and fanned himself in a satisfied manner. He conceitedly raised his chin and shot a glance at Su Luo from the corner of his eyes, "One thousand gold coins, the money to settle the debt for the goods delivered. Not taking credit for payment."