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Chapter 225 – Playing tricks on the pretty---boy (13)

 Chapter 225 - Playing tricks on the pretty-­­boy (13)

How sharp was the little divine dragon's teeth? At that time, the arrow from the Jade Lake's fairy which had contained the strength of heaven and earth was also gnawed to bits by him, as if chewing on a sugar cane. To say nothing of Liu Chengfeng's human body made of flesh and blood.

However, the little divine dragon was still in a drowsy state, therefore his actions were much gentler than when awake. So, he only took a tiny bite of Liu Chengfeng's flesh.

Liu Chengfeng saw that the back of his hand was missing a mouthful of flesh, with blood violently spurting out. Immediately, he furiously yelled: "Loathsome girl! Today, you are toast! Don't you even think about walking out of this door!!!"

The sounds of activity here were too loud, arousing the attention of Old Chen inside the room.

Now, his eyebrows wrinkled, with his body straight and tall, and both hands behind his back, step by step, he strolled out into the courtyard. A trace of annoyance and impatience flashed across his eyes: "Stop making so much noise! If both of you keep this up, then get out!"

If Old Chen was a proprietor of a regular hidden store, then no problem, but unfortunately, he wasn't. Everybody knew that behind the scenes, Old Chen, in this raw materials marketplace, was linked to countless connections. Hence, in Old Chen's residence, nobody dared to be impudent.

If you were to offend Old Chen and be put on the blacklist, then afterwards, you wouldn't even be allowed to go through the entrance of this raw materials marketplace.

So, even though Liu Chengfeng was infuriated until he was screaming, he still wouldn't dare to take action in front of Old Chen.

Only his treacherous gaze was full of viciousness, sinisterly staring at Su Luo. Thus, this confirmed how strong his wrath was in his heart.

Su Luo only faintly smiled as if unconcerned about his ire.

Just at this time, suddenly, the little divine dragon in Su Luo's lap started to move about.

He jumped out of Su Luo's lap like a graceful leopard and onto the ground. One could see him run quickly towards where Liu Chengfeng was cutting source stones. Finally, he stopped at the last source stone Liu Chengfeng had cut before.

That lump of oval-shaped source stone had already been split into two pieces by Liu Chengfeng. It was divided into two equal-sized half spheres.

And the little divine dragon jumped on top of the right half of that source stone while barking "awoo, awoo".

Su Luo was delighted!

What was the little divine dragon? He was a mobile crystal stone detector. A crystal stone that could make him excited, how could it be inferior?

However, just when Su Luo was in the midst of being excited, Liu Chengfeng had also recovered his thoughts. He took large strides to walk towards that piece of source stone and was about to brush the little divine dragon away.

However, the little divine dragon merely bared his fangs at him.

Su Luo's footsteps stopped, she worriedly held up her forehead.

Not of the human race really not human like, even if you are from the noble divine dragon race, this IQ...really made people worry about him.

This source stone was originally Liu Chengfeng's, now, with the little divine dragon's fervent performance, anybody would know that there was a problem here. Although Liu Chengfeng didn't know that the little divine dragon could detect crystal stones, he could tell that this was a good omen. Anybody would look at the cut source stone more closely to get to the bottom of it.

As expected.

Now, Liu Chengfeng laughed evilly again and again. He summoned his subordinates: "Drive this puppy away! Afterwards, place this half of the source stone onto the cutting device. This lord will properly cut it, and check to see if there is or isn't a crystal stone inside."

Su Luo somewhat regretfully sighed. It looked like this time she had made the clothes for other people.

Only, letting Liu Chengfeng snatch away this small advantage for free. Originally, he had already discarded it as something he didn't want...Alas, this feeling of lost was damn stifling.

However, just at this time, something happened that startled the heavens and reversed the situation.

One could only see the little divine dragon hugging that half of source stone tightly. He was unwilling to let go. Seeing everyone come towards him and about to encircle him, he immediately became anxious. He was so anxious that he frantically circled around on top of that half of the source stone.

Finally, the him that was quick-witted in an emergency--