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Chapter 220 – Playing tricks on the pretty--boy (8)

 Chapter 220 - Playing tricks on the pretty­-boy (8)

The little boy in front of her was shaking his head in disagreement: " Once you enter the door to thievery that's deeper than the ocean, from then on, your conscience becomes a stranger. Mother always taught me that regardless of when and regardless of landing in whatever circumstances, I must adhere to the basic conscience of my heart. I must be upright and frank. I cannot do work that is against my own conscience."

Seeing the little boy's deadly earnest preaching appearance, Su Luo suddenly felt that this was very funny. She had an impulsively strong desire to pinch his pink and tender cheeks. She continued to ask another sentence: " Oh? You really have never stolen anything? I don't believe it."

"I... I only stole one thing and it was a loaf of bread! That was when my little sister was so hungry she was gnawing on the corner of the table. I had no other choice..." The rim of the little boy's eyes were a little red. He was also afraid that Su Luo would spurn him and cause him to lose this job. He anxiously explained: "However the next day, I earned some money and paid back the money for the stolen bread. Really, I am telling the truth!"

Su Luo saw him become so anxious that his face was flushed and couldn't help but laugh: "Why are you so anxious? It's not like I am that person who was selling bread. Okay, tell me your price. This Miss want to see if you are suitable."

Su Luo could tell that this little boy's genes were excellent. Maybe the cause was his family suffered a reversal of fortunes. Even though his living situation had become poor, but his character was still as good and honest as before. Just as he himself had said, he adhered to the ethical principles. Someone who could adhere to the basic principles during poverty, let alone a child, this point was exceptionally hard to come by.

The little boy didn't know that Su Luo's assessment of him was pretty good. He was afraid of being spurned by the employer, so with a red little face, he anxiously said: "I-I am very inexpensive! I only charge ten copper coins per day."

Seeing that Su Luo didn't reply, thinking that she believed it to be too expensive, he anxiously changed his answer: "Five copper coins, five copper coins is enough! Mother's medical prescription needs at least four copper coins and I need to buy some thin wheat for little sister to eat. She is young and her throat is small, if she drinks coarse grains she would throw it up."

His pair of large, dark and clear eyes unblinkingly looked at Su Luo. Inside of them, there was pleading, longing and also hope...It was very complicated and heavy; just looking at it made a person's heart feel sad.

Su Luo's heart inevitably felt some sentiments.

At such a young age, he needed to take care of a sick mother and a frail younger sister. That he could still adhere to the basic principles was really not easy.

Su Luo patted his little head: "Okay, ten copper coins then, it's settled at ten copper coins. If today Older Sister reaps some profit, then I will give you more as an additional reward." Su Luo's hand reached into her sleeves and originally thought to pay him five copper coins as down payment to boost his enthusiasm.

However, she suddenly recalled that compared to this little bit of money, she really was too rich. Because the only currency in her hands were gold coins, she didn't even have a single copper coin.

Nevermind, let's discuss it when the time comes. If he passed her test, she could award him not merely ten copper coins or ten gold coins, but rather the boundless prospects for this little boy's future for the rest of his life.

Even though Su Luo hadn't given him a down payment, the little boy was already very thankful for her kindness.

The little boy was extremely happy, he was bowing and also giving thanks at the same time: "Many thanks Miss, thanks a lot Miss, you are a good person! A very good person!" Because very few customers would hire a child like him. The customers either wanted tender and beautiful women with great bone structure, or an agent with numerous connections.

He was already satisfied with just being hired.

Su Luo saw that he didn't mind it, so she also didn't mention it: "Oh that's right, what are you called?" She wanted to observe this child more carefully, to see if he was worthy of being cultivated by her.

"Su Xiaoyuan, Miss, can call me Su boy, Xiaoyuan or Dumpling, whichever one you want to use is okay." Su Xiaoyuan was smiling until both his brows and eyes curved upwards, appearing very excited.