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Chapter 218 – Playing tricks on the pretty--boy (6)

 Chapter 218 - Playing tricks on the pretty­-boy (6)

"Alas..."It was followed by a period of sounds expressing great pity.

The cut was smooth, but what made people disappointed was that even though the cut followed the band, this source stone unexpectedly, like before, still had nothing. Both sections were greyish-white, seeing it made a person's heart feel suffocated.

"Don't have...How could it be like this..." Hou San was beside himself as he looked at the two similar-sized halves of the source stone. His complexion gradually became pale. He never expected that even after cutting seven pieces in succession, all of them were greyish-white stones without any worth.

"Don't believe! I don't believe this!" Hou San, with a deep breath, swept down the cutting tool in his hand and diced those two halves of source stone into dust. However, inside, not even a fingernail-sized crystal stone could be seen.

Seeing Hou San's hand once again reach for the source stones on the ground, Su Luo spoke to intercept: "Hold it!"

The crisp yell woke up the drunken Hou San. He had a stupid and blank expression as he looked at Su Luo.

Su Luo's tone was not good as she said: "You already wasted seven of my source stones and now you still want to continue cutting? Don't even think about it!"

A mouthful of blood was blocking his throat.

How could it be called her source stones? These were all shipped over from far away in the southwest using his gold coins, okay?

Su Luo let out a cold 'humph' sound. She unhurriedly put the three fist-sized source stones in her embroidered bag, afterwards hanging it around her waist. Finally, she swept Hou San with a slighting glance: "The feng shui in your shop is not good, this miss will bring it hope and slowly cut it."

Don't joke, these three pieces all had genuine crystal stones in them. How could Su Luo let Hou San cut them? How could she set aside an opportunity for him to make a comeback?

Therefore, like the old saying went, I would rather offend a person of noble character than one with a nasty character. Especially Su Luo, this kind of small-minded woman whose philosophy was hatred, would certainly seek vengeance.

Hou San looked on helplessly at that small embroidered bag at her waist as Su Luo strutted away. He wanted to call out to stop her, but discovered that his words had all been exhausted. The more Hou San thought, the more regretful he was. He had truly slapped himself in the face this time.

The crowd watching this entertainment on the side immediately dispersed and left.

Hou San became anxiously worried. If he allowed these people to leave, then today's news that he had cut seven source stones in succession without finding a single crystal stone would spread. This would be extremely unfavorable to his shop's reputation.

"Hey, hey, hey, you guys don't go--" Hou San continuously tried to stop these people: "I still haven't finished cutting it all! You guys have a look, maybe a piece of crystal stone could be cut out."

"What, Hou San, young fellow, you still dare to cut more?" The old man being pulled unceasingly shook his head and advised him: "Forget it. Don't let your emotions affect your decisions. Your luck today is truly bad."

No way, he couldn't let them go like this!

Hou San loudly shouted: "Halt! I, Hou San, will cut ten source stones today and see if there is a crystal stone inside!"

Hearing that there was entertainment to see, the sound of everyone's footsteps stopped. Their gaze once again returned to Hou San's body.

Hou San summoned his courage. He personally ran over to the shop and picked out a source stone. He slapped at the source stone and heroically said: "Betting on source stone, betting on source stone. Since we are gambling on source stones, then by all means, bet on it. Now, let's lay down the bet. Buying the bet that the source stone has a crystal stone. the payout is one to one hundred. The bet that there is no source stone, payout is one to one. Buy quickly place your bets, and no thanks necessary."

Hou San lost those three source stones to Su Luo. His wishful thinking returned and suddenly thought of this method to gamble.

However, the pitiful him was completely unaware, because of the existence of the little divine dragon, the only three pieces of source stones within his shop that had crystal stones had all been fished out by Su Luo. The remaining were all...waste materials!

If he knew, he definitely would not choose this way to gamble, because this was absolutely losing with no possible chance to win. Only, it was a pity...he didn't know.

As a result, as the saying went, you truly couldn't offend a younger sister (1), especially an intelligent younger sister that loved to hold grudges.

1) - I translated it as younger sister, but the characters said 'younger sister on paper', probably a play on words that might mean 'beautiful paper', based on how it sounds in Chinese. I am guessing it could be a slang to describe someone shallow or petty.