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Chapter 215 – Playing tricks on the pretty-boy (3)

Chapter 215- Playing tricks on the pretty-boy (3)

Hou San, was the one who had previously made a bet with Su Luo, if he lost, he would have to eat the entire piece of source stone. Now, he had actually seen that Su Luo could force the brocade-dressed young master to run away, and he immediately thought to escape. However, who let Su Luo's eyes be so sharp?

"Ha, ha, young lady, what are you saying? I, Hou San, mean what I say, who wants to flee?" Seeing that his path was blocked in all directions by the crowd, Hou San could only grudgingly stand in place. He turned his head and smiled flatteringly towards Su Luo.

Su Luo had both hands crossed over her chest, and her foot stepped on the piece of source stone that was part of the bet. She cast sidelong glances at Hou San with a faint smile: " You mean what you said? Then it couldn't be better, come, quickly eat this source stone."

Really going to have to to gnaw a source stone? His teeth weren't that strong, okay? Hou San's face looked like he was suffering. He repeatedly bowed with hands in front, begging for forgiveness from Su Luo: "Young lady, your Venerable person has great magnanimity. Please be charitable and spare this lowly person. This lowly person really can't gnaw this source stone to pieces. If this lowly person can gnaw on it, then why would I need tools to peel this stone?"

Su Luo also really didn't plan on letting him gnaw on it. After all, the surface cover of the source stone was not something human teeth could make a scratch on. What was more, according to the little divine dragon's probe, the stuff inside this source stone was not bad. She would hate for Hou San, this kind of lowly person, to take it away for nothing.

However, asking her to let Hou San get away in this manner? Grievances must be settled. For Su Luo, whose merciful thoughts were smaller than a pinhole, how could she possibly agree?

One could only see her unhurriedly lifting up her foot, and weighing that lump of source stone in her hand. She playfully tossed it up and down, the corner of her mouth had a mocking smile: "Then, you say, what should be done?"

Hou San heard a possible softening intention in Su Luo's words,and immediately, he was all smiles. His smile was fawning and trying to get on her good side: "Young lady, your luck is so good, you should not waste it. How about I give this source stone to you to settle our bet, okay?"

"Like this to settle the bet so easily? Do you think it's possible?" Wanting to satisfy Su Luo who was like a lion with her mouth wide open, it was not an easy thing to do.

"Then...then what does the young lady feel should be done? You say it, if I could do it and it's not something that would violate my conscience and ethics, I, Hou San, promise to do it!" Hou San patted his chest with a righteous and virtuous appearance. A young lady that could even force the brocade-dressed young master to flee, how could she be simple? If she insisted on forcing him to swallow the stone, what could he possibly do?

"It's not something that would violate your conscience and ethics." Su Luo faintly smiled, "This lump of source stone weighs about ten kilograms. Let's do this, I will pick another nine stones from your pile of stones, altogether making up ten pieces of source stones. Then, this debt, we'll call it settled, okay?

To give away ten pieces of source stones for free? These materials were worth five to six gold coins! However, in order to honor his bet, Hou San had no other alternative. He could only agree: "Okay! Just do it according to what the young lady said!"

Su Luo's face looked indifferent, but her heart became cheerful.

Poor Hou San, how would he know that she had the little divine dragon as a super cheating tool present. Su Luo had already checked out all of the source stones in Hou San's booth. Letting her choose, she would naturally pick all the good ones and take it away. Those that were left over were all garbage.

Hey, hey, didn't you, Hou San, mock Liu Qi for not cutting out a single crystal stone for a year? Then, I'll let you have a taste of not being able to cut out a single crystal stone in a year. Let's see if afterwards, you still dare to indiscriminately blacken people's name.

"Okay, then just these ten pieces." It seemed as if Su Luo carelessly pointed at another nine pieces of stone. However, as a matter of fact, Su Luo had already picked out all of the source stones that contained crystal stones.