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Chapter 213 – Playing tricks on the pretty-boy (1)

Chapter 213 - Playing tricks on the pretty-boy (1)

The expression of the young master dressed in brocade stiffened. He arrogantly swept Su Luo with a contemptuous glance. He condescendingly opened his mouth to say: "Loathsome girl, you have a very ferocious little mouth. However, could it be that you came here and haven't asked around about who the master of this raw material marketplace is?"

Who was the master of this raw material marketplace? This, she sincerely hadn't made any inquires, anyway, was this of any importance?

A touch of ridicule appeared in Su Luo's eyes as she smiled: "Oh, perhaps it is opened by your family?" If it was really opened by his family, then why would he force her to sell a small piece of red-colored crystal stone? This basically didn't make sense.

The brocade-dressed young master smiled with disdain. His folding fan opened with a 'flip' sound. His chin lifted in an immensely proud manner. He arrogantly shot a glance at the doglike lacky at his side.

That lackey understood the knowing glance, and immediately, he became high and mighty again. He pointed at Su Luo with a cold smile and said: "Ha, ha, lift up your ears and listen closely! Even though this raw material marketplace was not opened by our young master's family, however, it's almost the same as being opened by our young master's family!"

Almost the same? It looked like the difference might be huge instead. Su Luo coldly smiled: "Oh? I'd like to hear the details."

"Humph, humph! I'll tell you! This raw material marketplace was opened by the Mercenary Union!" That doglike lackey had a 'you should be alarmed, terrified and kneel down' expression.

The Mercenary Union? Who knew, when Su Luo heard these two words, she immediately started to smile. If it was opened by other people, maybe her heart would have a bit of fear to restrain her, but since it was Beichen Ying's Mercenary Union, then...

Su Luo cast sidelong glances at the brocade-dressed young master with a smile that was not quite a smile: "Oh? It turns out to have been opened by the Mercenary Union. I respectfully salute them. Only, don't know if this young master is what kind of person at the Mercenary Union? Are you the division president? The vice president? Or ... the Venerable president?"

Su Luo cunningly without any good intentions, tried to pin all the big titles onto the head of the young master dressed in brocade.

Immediately, the brocade-dressed young master became anxious. He shot a quick glare at that doglike lackey, and that doglike lackey at once followed by glaring at Su Luo. He pointed at her and furiously said: "Ignorant and loathsome girl. Don't tell me you are not aware that our family's young master is good friends with President Beichen Ying? This raw material marketplace was opened by the Venerable Beichen Ying, also equivalent to being opened by our young master. Speaking to your type of ignorant, idiotic, loathsome girl, truly lowers our status!"

Small shrimp? Speaking to her would lower their status? Su Luo suddenly felt that her thoughts were somewhat disorderly....

"Oh? Since this raw material marketplace was opened by President Beichen, and your family's young master is good friends with the Venerable Beichen, then presumably, you should have lots of crystal stones. So it's unlikely that you would be interested in my little piece of red-colored crystal stone, right?" Su Luo used the main point to counterattack the opposition.

"You--" He never expected that this loathsome girl's words were this sharp. That doglike lackey's words were choked off. He furiously glared at Su Luo and turned his head to that brocade-dressed young master to appeal for help.

The brocade-dressed young master's face now was somewhat hard to maintain. However, since the matter had already reached this point, if he conceded, it would look as if he was afraid. Then in the future, how could he stand up tall in this raw material marketplace? One could only see the brocade-dressed young master's ice-cold eyes stare at Su Luo, condensing into frost: "This young master's home's crystal stones are piled up like a mountain. Still, so what, this young master just wants to buy that piece in your hand. Are you going to sell it or not?"

Now, one could feel an invisible power spreading from his body and pressing down on Su Luo.

This belonged to a third-ranked martial artist's pressure, with regards to ordinary citizens, it was simply an existence that defied the natural order.

For a moment, everyone's face was alarmed and they retreated far away from the scene. They were afraid that they would be roped in for no reason at all.

A touch of frost flashed through Su Luo's eyes!