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Chapter 211 – Skyrocketing luck (5)

Chapter 211 - Skyrocketing luck (5)

Ultimately, he didn't say anything, slumping with his hand hanging down. In fact, his hands were truly black.

Su Luo shot a glance at the man who had caused a disturbance, then her gaze returned to Liu Qi's body. Her smiling expression was easygoing and unperturbed: "Uncle Liu, why did you stop? Please continue. So what if you don't cut out a crystal stone? Isn't it just a single gold coin? This miss will consider it as spending money to ask people to demonstrate stone cutting."

That shrewd mouth and monkey-cheeked man glared at Su Luo, and secretly cursed: "Unable to tell good from bad!"

Su Luo was too lazy to bother dealing with this kind of nasty person. After the facts were revealed, was the moment when he would really get slapped in the face.

Liu Qi concentrated his thoughts, and from the side, made two separate cuts.

What made people disappointed was that after the cuts, it still only had the same greyish-white color. Not a trace of any other color could be seen.

"Snort--" The shrewd mouth and monkey-cheeked man let out a jeering sound: "I already said, Liu Qi's black hand, in this lifetime, he won't be able to cut out a crystal stone. If he could cut out a red-colored crystal stone...."

"If he could cut out a crystal stone, what are you going to do?" Su Luo cast a sidelong glance at him. Regarding this kind of nasty character that would run over to other people's family door to compete for business, she had always disliked.

She was unlikely to go and deliberately deal with this kind of person, but if this person doggedly ran into her, then don't blame her for being rude.

The shrewd mouth and monkey-cheeked man merely said it flippantly, but unexpectedly, was caught and countered by Su Luo. He was also a person who worried about losing face and firmly believed that Liu Qi wouldn't cut out a crystal stone. On the spot, he slapped the table and said: "If he cuts out a crystal stone, even if it's only a red-colored crystal stone; I, Hou San, will immediately swallow this source stone!"

Su Luo followed along Hou San's gaze and looked. His finger pointed at a source stone that was about the size of a basin used for washing faces.

To swallow this piece of source stone?

"Okay, this is possible. Since it's like this, I ask all the people present to act as witness." Su Luo saw the crowd gradually approach to surround them. Her laugh was evil and cunning, "Of course, I also cannot let you be at a disadvantage. If Uncle Liu can't cut out a crystal stone, then this Miss will immediately compensate you with one hundred gold coins."

Don't assume that just because Su Luo, without much action, had easily happened upon gold coins when needed, that she would feel that gold coins had little value.

In fact, with regards to ordinary citizens, the value of gold coins were still very high. Many ordinary citizens wouldn't have a single gold coin in their hands, what they always used were either silver or copper coins.

"Good! I, Hou San, take this bet with you! Everyone present will act as witnesses!" Hou San was so delighted that it went to his head.

Liu Qi, that shop, had for exactly one year been unable to cut out a crystal stone from a source stone. How could he be so fortunate this time that he would cut one out today? Moreover just a moment ago, he had already made three cuts, and not a fart could be seen. No matter how you looked at it, he couldn't possibly cut out a crystal stone.

One hundred gold coins, ahhh, as long as he agreed then he would get a full one hundred gold coins. It was enough for him to spend extravagantly for quite a while. Only if he was a fool would he refuse such a good business.

Now, Liu Qi had became somewhat tense, even his hands were trembling. He truly had no confidence in his black hands: "Young lady, how about, how about you... yourself do it?"

Who would have thought that Su Luo merely smiled and waved her hands. Her smile was casual and unruffled: "No harm. You should continue to cut. Maybe following this your fortune will change for the better. Your luck may not be good, but this Miss's luck has always been exceedingly great."

"If only it was possible." Liu Qi forced a smile, but his heart didn't really believe it. For lack of a better option, he made the final cut.

After making so many cuts and still nothing, there was no need for hope and expectation in this final cut.

Liu Qi put down his cutting knife and was just about to apologize to Su Luo. But unexpectedly, when he lifted his head, he saw that the surrounding people without exception had all released a mouthful of cold air in amazement.