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Chapter 209 – Skyrocketing luck (3)

Chapter 209 - Skyrocketing luck (3)

This kind of disorderly battle, it was better that she didn't get involved...

Once Su Luo thought this far, her footsteps slowly moved back in withdrawal.

Taking advantage of Su Zian being engrossed in battling the fierce panther, fuel was added to the soles of her feet as she rapidly slipped away.

Capable of making that haughty Su Qing disheveled and miserable to such a degree, surely it was more difficult to bear than killing her, right? Recalling this, the corner of Su Luo's mouth pointed up even higher. Evidently, her mood had become quite good.

Within the Su Manor, the panther's rampage resulted in scenes of devastation. In contrast, Su Luo strutted out the door with the little divine dragon in her arms.

Su Luo thought of that pile of gold coins in her space heaped up into a small hill, and she decided to directly go and bet on crystal stones.

When the crystal stones were extracted from the mines, it was wrapped up in a thick layer of weathered rocks. Even people with high cultivation weren't able to sense whether a crystal stone existed through the layer of rock. Only after cutting it open would you find out.

As a result, the industry of gambling on crystal stones was born.

In the regions with crystal stone mines, the odds in these gambling halls were slightly higher, at about a thousand to one.

However, at regions further away from the crystal stone mines, the odds of the bets would become very low. It probably wouldn't even reach the odds of ten thousand to one.

This job of gambling on crystal stones, if you win, you could get rich overnight. If you lose, you might squander the family fortune and go bankrupt.

As to gambling on crystal stones, it was basically ten bets with nine losses. Even if you win it might not necessarily be a huge windfall. However Su Luo was very self-confident, her self-confidence was not because of herself, rather, it originated from her belief in the little divine dragon.

The little divine dragon had an automatic treasure hunting ability. He could sense if the source stone contained a crystal stone or not, as well as its grade.

Su Luo was not fond of gambling. However, she urgently needed crystal stones for cultivation purposes. Therefore, she naturally wouldn't let this kind of easy pickings to slip by.

Along the way, she asked for directions. Su Luo directly arrived at the capital's biggest source stone marketplace.

The marketplace was huge, it was about ten times bigger than a soccer field.

Whenever a new batch of source stones were shipped over, the marketplace would be the liveliest. There would be a large number of people moving about like a never-ending stream.

And today, by a lucky chance, was the day new source stones would arrive.

Su Luo had really caught this opportunity by chance.

Su Luo felt out a gold coin from her clothing, while walking, she would fiddle with it. She planned to use this single gold coin to win a source stone that could support her cultivation for a period of time.

However, a single gold coin could only let her enter and stroll around in the common small stores. She couldn't even enter the larger shops with just a single gold coin.

Su Luo looked around along the way, there were many small stores. In addition, there were some shop owners that directly arranged their goods on the ground.

"Young lady, want to buy some rough stones? These source stones are all transported directly from the southwest mining area. It didn't make any stopovers along the way. Look here, with this red-colored mark on top, it's extremely likely that this will have a red crystal stone inside."

When Su Luo passed by a street stall with goods on the ground, a plump middle-aged man called out and Su Luo stopped. He didn't lose any time trying to sell his source stones to her.

His place here was a little out of the way, and his supply of goods was also not complete. Many wealthy people would directly go to the larger shops, a rare few would stop by.

However, Su Luo's footsteps stopped, because the little divine dragon in her arms had all of a sudden woken up from its rest.

"Red--red--" The little divine dragon pointed at the yellowish source stone in the middle-aged fellow's hand and called towards Su Luo. But his eyelids were still drooping, as if not very interested in it.

"Are you saying that it's a red-colored crystal stone?" Su Luo became excited all of a sudden and urgently asked the little divine dragon in her head.

The little divine dragon unconcernedly nodded his little head.

Su Luo was excited, not because of that red-colored source stone, rather...that the little divine dragon could actually spit out human speech. Although it was simply just jumping out word by word, still compared to the 'awoo, awoo' before, it was a vast improvement.