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Chapter 206 – New Beginning (5)

Chapter 206 - New Beginning (5)

With him standing on Su Luo's shoulder, they faced the panther lunging at them head on. He had a dignified and austere expression, and released a howling sound that echoed to the sky and penetrated through the earth: "Awoo--Awoo--Awoo--"

His serious little face and appearance was stretched taut. His tiny claw furiously pointed at the fierce panther, as if saying it should be facing him with the right posture, and made it seem like the one pouncing over was not a fourth-ranked magical beast, but an insubordinate servant.

Seeing the little divine dragon's deadly serious appearance, Su Xi instantly convulsed with laughter.

Dear heavens, that puppy and his master were really made from the same mould, both were overestimating themselves. Did the puppy really think that it could challenge a fourth-ranked magical beast, the fierce panther?

The corners of Su Qing's lips were similarly raised in an arrogant and aloof sneer.

Blockhead! An ant trying to shake a large tree (1), overconfident!

Whether or not they were truly overconfident, the matter very quickly became apparent.

Just when the panther was about an arm's length away from Su Luo, its immense body suddenly and forcibly twisted around at the scene.

However, to twist an enormous body in midair, it was easier said than done?

As a result, only a loud 'thump' sound could be heard. The massive panther inevitably fell to the ground, raising a cloud of yellow clay dust, knocking itself dizzy and confused.

This action instantly stunned everyone.

Shouldn't the panther be pouncing on Su Luo? Why would it fall down for no reason? Moreover, tossing itself down into such a sorry state?

Seeing it unable to rise for a long time, Su Qing's eyes grew bloodshot . Her eyes which were full of rage, in a flash glared at Su Luo: "What did you do?!"

Su Luo nonchalantly spread her hands: "Did you see me do anything?"

She really was innocent. She did not do anything. Speaking of the culprit, shouldn't it be the little divine dragon that did something? Unfortunately, in the eyes of everyone, the grand little divine dragon was just a puppy who hadn't even grown its fur yet.

Su Qing was stonewalled immediately.

Indeed, previously she had kept a close eye on Su Luo. Her expression was serious and on guard, but she also never made a move... Then, in the end, how could this happen?

It couldn't be that the panther suddenly lost its mind?

If Su Qing was to believe that it was because of the puppy's angry rebuke that the panther would take such action, she wouldn't believe it even if she was beaten to death (2*).

At the same time, Su Xi was also astonished, with her mouth gaping wide open. For a long time, she could not regain her composure.

What-what really happened? This panther was fourth-ranked, fourth-ranked!

How many fourth-ranked magical beasts could be found in the whole of the Eastern Ling Empire? However.... however, how did this loathsome girl accomplish this? This was really seeing a ghost.

In fact, regarding this kind of result, it was also beyond Su Luo's expectations.

She knew that the adorable little dragon was the most noble class of divine dragon among the dragon race. Although she knew its dragon prestige was extremely awesome, but she had also never thought that its effect would be this shocking.

Su Luo rubbed the adorable little dragon's head, while the latter affectionately licked her fingers.

Both person and spirit pet looked extremely affectionate together.

"Panther! Get up! You better stand up!" Su Qing furiously yelled. How could her panther lose to Su Luo? How could she, Su Qing, lose to Su Luo, that pile of mud? This was even harder for her to accept than being killed.

The panther had thrown itself until it was dizzy. Shaking its head, it staggered to its feet.

"Awoo!" With round, angry eyes glaring and a cold frown, the adorable little dragon snapped at it.

Posing with that little face and that imposing majestic manner, it was like a haughty little prince angrily reprimanding a servant.

So loftily up high, as if it should be rightfully his.

Hearing that sound, the panther, which had gotten its large body to stand with much difficulty, swayed on the spot, almost falling again.

1) An ant trying to shake a large tree: an idiom for a person overrating one's own strength.

2*) Comment from translator Neverim: She will be >_> ; Neverim: Really pity the panther...