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Chapter 205 – A new beginning (4)

Chapter 205 - A new beginning (4)

Su Xi laughed so loudly and arrogantly that she had woken up the adorable little dragon who with great difficulty had fallen into a deep slumber.

The adorable little dragon rubbed his sleepy eyes as he lethargically sat up in Su Luo's arms.

At this moment, Su Xi said to Su Qing: "Second older sister, we should let this good-for-nothing Su Luo see what a real spirit pet looks like, right?"

Su Qing's spirit pet was a fourth ranked fierce panther. Its wild nature was difficult to train, quite cold and proud. However, its fighting strength was very powerful.

Su Qing shot a quick glance at Su Luo. She felt it was necessary to give this concubine's daughter who was unable to distinguish between good from bad and lacked proper respect for her seniors a lesson. Consequently, she lightly nodded her head and closed her eyes to mouth the words to the spell.

Very quickly, from far away, a formidable majestic panther ran over.

One could see an abnormally large body that seemed not to yield to an elephant in size. Its entire body was covered in a brownish-black fur that was smooth and stuck to its body, giving off a dim gloss. Its hunting teeth were sharp and pointed. They flashed with an intimidatingly cold light.

That pair of eyes which were apathetic and ice-cold, as if watching a dead person, stared at Su Luo.

Su Xi had an extremely-proud-of-herself smile on her face. She pulled at Su Qing's hand and provokingly said: " Older sister, we should allow Su Luo to experience and know what's a real spirit pet. This will also let her expand her horizons, right?!"

Her remarks about experience were not quite as simple as the literal meaning.

Su Xi saw that Su Qing was noncommittal, so she once again pulled at Su Qing's sleeves and acted coquettishly as she said: "Second sister, isn't it because we are doing this for Su Luo's own good? We are allowing her to see some aspects of society so as to prevent her from going out and bringing shame to our family."

Su Qing's pair of coldy clear haughty eyes were once again cast upon Su Luo's body. It could clearly be seen that she nodded her head: "There is another benefit. After my fierce panther returned home, it has lacked a person to amuse itself with."

Lacked a person to amuse itself with? Su Luo's beautiful eyebrows rose slightly while the corner of her mouth hooked into a mocking arc.

Su Qing was indeed named correctly. Like her name, she was so proud, virtuous and aloof that there was no limit.

Whatever the case, Su Luo was also nominally Su Qing's younger sister. With just one sentence, Su Qing had given Su Luo to the fierce panther to toy with? A real human had been given to a fierce panther to play with? This was indeed an extraordinary spirit pet!

Su Luo was not furious. On the contrary, she smiled. She shot a contemptuous glance at Su Qing. "Lacked a person to amuse itself with? What if it was destroyed while playing with other people, are you going to demand compensation?"

Before Su Qing could speak, Su Xi once again covered her stomach and started to laugh uproariously. "What are you saying? Destroy a panther by playing with it? Ha, ha, ha, haaaaaa, you really want to make me laugh to death. The panther is a fourth ranked magical beast, fourth rank! Who do you think you are? You are nothing but a good-for-nothing without any spirit strength!"

Su Qing shot a scornful glance at Su Luo. She was too lazy to waste words with people that were beneath her.

"Fierce panther, go. Accompany her and play with her properly." Since this loathsome girl Su Luo wanted to court death, then she, Su Qing, shouldn't be blamed for whatever happens.

As it happened, just yesterday mother and her siblings had suffered embarrassment due to this girl. Now, she just so happened to be able to help them vent their anger. She believed that once father found out, he would also not say anything more.

After the fierce panther heard its master's command, immediately its four sturdy legs dug into the ground as it moved. A pair of unsympathetic eyes momentarily ignited with blood-thirsty light. Its majestic and imposing manner saturated the air around its body.

"Roar--"The fierce panther immediately issued a howling sound that shook the sky. Its huge and well-built body abruptly pounced towards Su Luo.

Thick shadows hid the sky and covered the earth with an aura of death. With a pair of ice-cold blood-thirsty eyes and its ferocious mouth opened wide...

Su Luo believed that the fierce panther would absolutely not be lenient!

There was nothing left to be said, she may have no choice but to reveal the fact that she knows martial arts.

Just at this critical moment, the adorable little dragon that was woken up by the noise rubbed its drowsy, sleepy eyes and suddenly lifted his head. That pair of commonly foolish and silly limpid eyes all of a sudden were enveloped in a layer of golden light.