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Chapter 202 – A new beginning (1)

Chapter 202 - A new beginning (1)

Seeing the paper being torn into fine powder, Su Zian's heart could finally relax.

In fact, how could he have known that the piece of paper was something Su Luo had brought out to scare him.

This farce of a play finally ended.

Before she left, Su Xi intentionally walked to the front of Su Luo. Her appearance was wrathful and malevolent: "Su Luo, you just wait for it! Later, there will be a time when you will be humiliated!"

Today's matter was a huge psychological blow to Su Xi.

She was the classy daughter of the first wife, normally, in front of Su Luo she was as arrogant as a princess. Yet today, she had to pour tea and apologize to her in front of so many people!

And not only her, but also her older brother, her mother...

This was humiliation!

It really was pure humiliation!

This kind of humiliation, in the future, she would absolutely return it to her one hundred, no , a thousandfold!

Su Xi very fiercely glared at Su Luo. That meaningful glare of hers was like a vengeful mother wolf. It was as if she would pounce upon Su Luo at anytime and devour her until even the bones would not be left behind.

However, faced with her threat, Su Luo merely smiled faintly. Her smiling expression was disregarding: "Good, I'm waiting. I welcome you, the fifth Miss Su, anytime to take your revenge."

Su Xi, this kind of spoiled Miss High and Mighty, was in fact the easiest to handle. She never even entered Su Luo's eyes.

Instead, if it was Su Qing...she must treat with caution.

Su Xi coldly snorted repeatedly: "Good, very good! Su Luo, these are the words you said yourself! When the time comes, don't bother kneeling to beg for forgiveness! Humph!"

Once she finished speaking, Su Xi haughtily turned around and left. She left Su Luo the conceited view of her back.

Beichen Ying still hadn't left, his smile was not quite a smile as he shook his head: "Tsk, tsk, tsk, living in this kind of surroundings, really made you suffer. Little Luo Luo."

Su Luo, with both hands crossed over her chest, leisurely slanted him a glance: "Little Luo Luo? Is this a name you can call?"

Alike, really alike! This expression, this tone, and also this posture, was printed from the same exact mold as Nangong. He couldn't help but to say that these two were indeed similar.

It was unknown from where Beichen Ying managed to extract out a folded fan. He carelessly fanned it while lifting his chin, tilting his head towards her and arrogantly asked: "Aren't you curious why I continuously helped you?"

Su Luo saw his arrogant and pampered appearance, she thought he looked ridiculous, but her face remained indifferent saying: "Not curious, but if you can tell me the secret in that blue leather book, maybe I could listen with respectful attention."

"Huh?" Why did he feel as though their positions were reversed? She obviously should be incessantly questioning him closely instead. She truly was not a cute girl.

"Perhaps in the future I could used it to threaten a certain person." Su Luo calmly said.

As it turned out, her curiosity was for this purpose.

Beichen Ying grudgingly closed his fan. He knew that if he wanted to pull out her and Nangong's gossip from this girl's mouth, it clearly was not possible.

"Want to know?" Beichen Ying was all smiles as he leaned close to Su Luo, revealing two snow- white canine tooth and shallow dimples. He gave the impression of being very wily but exceptionally adorable at the same time.

"Now you can tell me." Su Luo nodded her head.

"Hey, hey, unfortunately I won't tell you." Beichen Ying pulled back his arrogant, pampered and show-off face and lifted his chin: "Want to know, then go ask Nangong. That stuff that could harm people was provided by him."

"It truly turned out to be him..." Su Luo had a faint guess, because a person who could ask Beichen Ying to set out in the capital was almost non-existent. Of course, His Highness Prince Jin was an exception.

"Remember to go look for him." Beichen Ying 'he, he' laughed, waved his fan while swaying like a dandish lord, and walked away.