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Chapter 200 – The final truth (5)

Chapter 200 - The final truth (5)

Beichen Ying's gift for acting was something he was born with. He glanced at that piece of paper in Su Luo's hand. With only a quick glance, his brows knotted tightly. Then he looked at Su Zian with a complicated expression.

That kind of serious stare with an incredulous expression simply frightened Su Zian until he was scared witless. His heart continuously jumped with 'ba-thump, ba-thump' sounds.

Furthermore, with Beichen Ying's appearance of desiring to speak and his hesitation that showed he was about to say something, but was unsure of how to do it; it practically resembled a claw that scratched at Su Zian's secure body, making it itch everywhere.

The corner of Su Luo's mouth stretched back and forth, he simply made her speechless.

Alas, how could she say it?

In fact, Su Zian's actions just now were really fast. When he was destroying the evidence, it was so fast that nobody had enough time to react.

Moreover, she was far from the book, so logically speaking, she basically had no chance to grab at the scattered pieces of white paper. Of course in reality, it should also be this way.

Then, why would another piece of paper appear in her hand? Actually, this was all credited to Su Luo's innate conman characteristic.

This piece of paper was one that she took from her space. Additionally this piece of paper was presumably one Su Zian would be familiar with, because on top of it was written the sacred scriptures she copied last time.

Since she had it pinched in between her fingers, nobody discovered that this was a fake.

The most pitiful would be her cheap father, who was staring at this piece of paper, with his eyeballs almost about to pop out. If he knew that in fact, this piece of paper was a fake...Surely his expression would be extremely marvelous to look at, right?

"Luo'er! Quickly bring that piece of paper over here!" Su Zian anxiously said.

Actually, Su Luo's heart was genuinely curious, in the end, what secrets were written on the real pieces of paper that made Su Zian this worried?

However, Su Luo naturally would not return this piece of paper. If she returned it, wouldn't everyone know that she was running a con?

One could only see Su Luo frowning, she looked at Beichen Ying then at Su Zian, as if very uncertain. After quite a while, she indecisively said: "In fact, shouldn't today's main topic be the theft of stolen goods? Honorable father, wouldn't you say so?

Since Su Zian could crawl up to the position of a great general, then how could he be that stupid?

He promptly understood and said: "What stolen goods? Rubbish talk! Your courtyard is clean and neat, there is nothing here!"

Su Luo's appearance once again became hesitant: "But...Mother, older brother and fifth younger Sister, didn't all of them denounce this daughter as the person who tried to find someone to frame third older sister?"

Su Zian broadly waved his hand and sternly responded: "There is absolutely no such thing! That was your mother and them talking rubbish, causing mischief due to selfish reasons! Making you suffer from being wronged. This point, Daddy will make them provide you with a formal apology."

Why...Madam Su merely felt that today's sunlight was blazing so fiercely. It shined on her until her mind felt waves of dizziness, nearly making her fall over.

Married for so many years, she truly didn't expect he would criticize her in front of so many people, saying she spoke nonsense, and had caused mischief from selfish motives....This, this how grave of an accusation was this? Clearly, every decision had been made by him.

Not limited to Madam Su, Su Jingyu and Su Xi's expressions were also not very good. They glared at Su Zian with disbelief and also angrily glared at Su Luo.

Who would have thought, that even though Su Zian had lowered his posture thus far, Su Luo was still not satisfied.

One could see her looking at the messy house that had been thoroughly searched, as she faintly sighed a few times: "Alas, now this courtyard has been tossed about into this appearance. It will take a long time to tidy up..."

"No problem! Daddy will order people to help you..." Su Zian saw that the corner of Su Luo's mouth had a faint sarcastic meaning. He abruptly came to realize her meaning. He waved his big hands, in a heroic manner as though reaching to the clouds: "Daddy will immediately order people to tidy up the east side Wisteria Park for you to live in. You should be at ease, as at that time, everything you need will be available. What your fifth younger sister has, you would not lack."