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Chapter 199 – The final truth (4)

Chapter 199 - The final truth (4)

However now, there was still one piece of paper left in Su Luo's hands. Then there was still another opportunity to find out the truth, right?

In fact, Su Luo's execution of her plan had been beautifully done.

She merely had to wave that piece of paper in her hand to be able to wash clean the dirty water that Su Zian had spilled onto her.

It was because she dared to brazenly take it out in front of everyone, this demonstrated that the stuff was not the nonsense of immoral things that Su Zian had said.

After all if it was true, then the first person who would want to destroy that paper the most would not be Su Zian but Su Luo herself.

Su Zian glared at Su Luo, his appearance was imposing, cold and solemn: "Luo'er, be obedient. Quickly destroy that stuff!"

Su Luo faintly smiled and raised her eyebrows: "Daddy, why are you so anxious? Your daughter is really curious. Was it this stuff that will harm public morals... in the end what is it?" Saying this, Su Luo's eyes swept around her surrounding once. Then, she looked at Su Zian again and softly said: "Seeing everyone's expression, it seems as if everyone is very curious. Daddy, how about we let everyone have a look at it and let them judge? What do you think?"

These remarks, infuriated Su Zian until he almost fell down.

Was this not an unfilial and rebellious daughter! It truly infuriated him to death!

Su Zian was so angry that he almost directly went up to choke Su Luo to death. However in reality, he was not allowed to do something like this.

Madam Su and Su Zian had been married for so many years that she could clearly understood his thinking. With a smile, she used a soft-spoken voice to say to Su Luo: " Luo'er, don't be mad at your father. How could there be enmity between a father and a daughter from before? Besides, what your father did is for your own good, isn't it so?"

While Madam Su was speaking, she also tried to get closer to Su Luo.

Now everyone who was at the scene had their gaze concentrated on Madam Su and Su Luo. Almost no one saw Su Zian surreptitiously give a meaningful look at Captain Zhao.

Captain Zhao understood at once, he was hidden behind Su Luo. He silently tried to get closer to Su Luo...

Three steps, two steps, one step....

Just when his hands reached out to snatch away the paper from Su Luo's hand. Suddenly--

A black shadow gave rise to an eerie and cold wind. The wind was like the edge of a blade, following along Captain Zhao's hand and slicing towards the wrist!

In a flash, Captain Zhao's wrist was cut from his arm!

"Ahhhh--" Because of the acute pain, Captain Zhao's body dropped to the floor. He painfully cradled his arm which continued to spurt out blood. His facial features were twisted hideously due to pain.

Blood gushed out onto the ground.

Drops of various sizes and shapes could be see.

The air was filled with the thick smell of blood.

Su Luo's fine eyebrows wrinkled slightly. Her gaze frankly looked at Su Zian. The sneer at the corner of her mouth was very obvious, "Honorable father, you wouldn't kill your daughter to silence her because of this little piece of paper, right?"

Su Zian was so furious that his complexion became ashen, and he angrily rebuked: "What rubbish talk! Anyway, quickly shut up!"

Beichen Ying only rubbed his hands and smiled: "General Su, this play really is extremely fascinating. This lord is very interested in watching it." Saying this, he walked towards Su Luo step by step. He raised an eyebrow and smiled at her: "The fourth Miss Su, would it be convenient for you to let me see that piece of paper? I am very curious about it..."

Su Luo looked indifferent, her gaze shot to Su Zian. Seeing his black face and him repeatedly shaking his head with eyes like a sharp sword, sharp enough to pierce through her heart.

If the expression in someone's eyes could kill, then Su Luo's body would by now have been sliced into many pieces.

Meeting that pair of sharp and hawk-like eyes, the corner of Su Luo's mouth lifted slightly when answering Beichen Ying: "The Venerable Beichen wants to see, however, it seems as if my honorable father is not willing..."

Besides, the brocade box was clearly placed there by you, Beichen Ying. You clearly knew what was inside better than anyone else.