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Chapter 195 – Unexpected surprise (5)

Chapter 195 - Unexpected surprise (5)

In fact, Su Zian was somewhat angry with Madam Su. There was one point that Beichen Ying had mentioned that was correct. Everything about the Madam was great, except that her heart was too biased. She actually made Su Luo live in such a dilapidated courtyard for so many years. No matter how much you may not like it, she was still his, Su Zian's, daughter!

Su Zian had never once doubted his own first wife, but now in his heart, for the first time, a crack appeared in his trust towards Madam Su.

Once the seed of doubt was planted, as for when it would grow roots and germinate, would depend on how the bystanders watered and fertilized it. It was also very evident that Su Luo was an expert at this line of work.

She observed Su Zian's and Madam Su's interaction. Her eyes narrowed and a contemplative smile appeared in their depths.

"General! We have dug something out!"

"Quickly bring it up!" Su Zian stood at the side of the hole, his eyes, revealing his deep worry, stared attentively at the bottom of the pit.

This was a major event related to his face, he could not be sloppy.

However, when he saw that small box made of red sandalwood and lined with brocade, a thread of misgiving flashed across his eyes.

He had only heard that back then Elder Su buried gold, he had never heard of him having buried some precious stones...

When Madam Su saw that brocade lined small box, a trace of unease appeared in her eyes...This brocade small box was definitely not the one she had commanded people to bury. In the end, what odd thing was in it?

In fact, a look of astonishment also flashed across Su Luo's face.

It was very obvious that this matter was also outside of her expectations.

Yes, after she had guessed Madam Su's intentions, she actually did bury a few things again. However she did not use this particular brocade small box, evidently the stuff she buried had been switched with something else.

In the end, who was it that had done this? What stratagem did the opponent use? Who was supposed to be drawn in?

Su Luo narrowed her eyes dangerously, even though her heart had layers of doubt, her face remained calm and collected, as unperturbed as before.

Beichen Ying saw Su Luo's behavior, and an appreciative expression appeared in his black eyes.

All of a sudden, Su Luo's black, ancient well-like eyes, with their unperturbed surface, shot a penetrating glance at Beichen Ying. Her gaze met his head on in midair, scaring Beichen Ying into skipping a step.

However, Beichen Ying's manner very quickly returned. He smiled towards Su Luo with a few 'hey, hey' laughs. His smile held the meaning of taking credit for an achievement.

Taking credit? Could it be, the person that had switched in the brocade-lined small box....was him?

The corner of Su Luo's mouth was slightly upturned. She faintly smiled while shooting him a quick glance. She really wanted to see what kind of game this Venerable Beichen was playing.

The soldier respectfully offered up the small box, momentarily unsure as to who to hand it to.

Normally, it should be handed over to Su Zian, as he was the master of this house.

However in theory, among the crowd of people at the scene, the most royal in position could not surpass His Highness the Crown Prince.

Yet in theory, the most arrogant and publicized person perfectly described Beichen Ying.

The Crown Prince's indifferent eyes glimpsed at Beichen Ying, both hands crossed at his back and his mouth rising into a faint sneer.

Beichen Ying made the exact same movement and posture as the Crown Prince, he even imitated the Crown Prince's facial expression. His actions once again infuriated the Crown Prince, making him almost flare up.

Su Zian thought about it and said: "Bring it up."

He received the small brocade box made of red sandalwood from the soldier's hand.

Momentarily, the eyes of everyone present at the scene landed upon this small brocade box made of red sandalwood.

The small brocade box was approximately the length of two adult person's hands, and the width was about one hand size. On the surface of the box was carved exquisite ornate artwork, with the drawing of the phoenix painted in gold. At a glance, people could tell that this box was worth a considerable amount.

Could it be that inside it indeed contained precious stones?

With expectant thoughts, Su Zian's hand slowly opened the sealed up, small brocade box. When he saw the item within the box, a suspicious expression appeared on Su Zian's face.

Inside, there were no precious stones, but ...a very thin book.

The book was one of the most common kinds, with a blue leather cover. There was also no title on the cover.

Could it be a book on secret martial arts manual?

Su Zian opened the book, he only flipped through one page, before a huge change occurred on his face!