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Chapter 189 – Confrontation at the scene (6)

Chapter 189 - Confrontation at the scene (6)

Thinking of this, Su Zian restrained himself, glared at Su Luo and sternly said: "Even as the matter stands now, you still dare to argue. Come, drag her out of here!"

The corner of Su Luo's mouth lifted into an almost non-existent sneer.

She could clearly see that Su Zian had flown into a rage out of humiliation. He wanted to use her as a sacrificial lamb to settle this matter. So much so that he wouldn't even give her a final chance to defend herself.

This kind of father was simply too vile.

This type of official residence, even smelling the air made her nauseous.

If it weren't for her need to secretly investigate her background in Su Manor, she would have already waved her sleeves and left this wolf's lair earlier.

However before Su Luo could speak, Beichen Ying's brows knotted. He waved his hand, "Wait a moment!"

You could have made a move against anyone else, but to touch the person at the bottom of Nangong's heart, you must not want to live, right?!

Beichen Ying turned his head to Su Zian, and frowning, said: "The Great General Su, this is where you are wrong. Just now, the fourth Miss Su plainly said that she doesn't have any gold. Then how could she go to the Mercenary Union to issue a task? Pertaining to this point, you still haven't clarified it yet. Then how could you directly just add these charges onto her body? This seems rather too arbitrary! Don't tell me General Su normally investigates cases in the military in this way?"

It was okay when Beichen Ying didn't speak but once he spoke, he stupefied Su Zian.

Now, even though he had a faint smiling expression on his face, but everyone could see that this Venerable president of the Mercenary Union was unhappy.

The accusation Beichen Ying slammed down was really too big. If it stuck, then the accusation could cost him his noble title and official job. How could Su Zian dare to take on this charge?

He could only wipe away the cold sweat on his forehead and hurriedly stretched his smile even wider. Forcing a laugh, he responded, "The Venerable Beichen is joking. This is merely a small matter within my own family, therefore..."

Yet, it seemed as if Beichen Ying wanted to argue strongly with him. One could only see him coldly raise his eyebrow, "Such a minor family matter and you can't even try the case clearly. Then what qualification do you have to be in charge of the empire's military forces? General Su, wouldn't you say I'm right?"

A thread of rage flashed through Su Zian's eyes!

Everyone should be at the same ranking position, if it weren't for me giving the Beichen family some face, then I, your daddy would have already not paid any fucking attention to you. Now you have actually dared to come and lecture such a venerable man like me!

However, these were merely Su Zian's mental thoughts. His appearance only had a smile that was more good-natured than anyone else's. He continuously nodded his head: "Yes, yes, yes, what the venerable Beichen said is right."

With that said, Beichen Ying then let him go. He turned his head around and smiled at Su Luo, as if currying for a favor from her, and said: "The fourth Miss Su, now you can defend yourself to right the wrongs. You should rest assured, you only need to say it and nobody inside this hall would dare to bully you. "

Without waiting for Su Luo to respond, His Highness the crown prince displayed his displeasure first. He coldly smiled, letting out a few 'hum, hum' sounds, "Venerable Beichen should not be so partial."

Beichen Ying had a self-satisfied smile and waved his hand uncaringly: "Be at ease, this official never uses public office to avenge private wrongs. I also never rely on my strength to mistreat the weak, and I never bully frail women. Presumably, His Highness the crown prince would also not do such senseless things right?"

These three separate 'never's...were very clearly the sentences Su Luo had used to set up the crown prince that day when he came to Su Manor to break off the engagement.

These three 'never' sentences didn't matter much, but that final sentence left unsaid...that 'not raise up' phrase was the true meaning of Beichen Ying's words.

"Humph!" His Highness the crown prince was jabbed right at the center of his matter with Su Luo. He resentfully glared at Su Luo, then coldly snorted and turned his face away.

It was all this loathsome girl's fault, causing him to became the laughingstock of his opponent! He absolutely would not let her off so easily!

He had never gotten along with Prince Jin, whereas Beichen Ying was Prince Jin's number one henchman. Both of them had already strived against each other for a long time, merely bickering over differing opinions. How could the conceited status of the crown prince be the thick-skinned Beichen Ying's opponent? Consequently, every time they crossed swords, the crown prince could only glare at him.