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Chapter 173 – Schemes within a scheme (5)

Chapter 173 - Schemes within a scheme (5)

Suddenly, Su Zian's expression changed and his speech abruptly stopped.

It was not that Su Wan had no enemies. She and Su Luo definitely had old grievances. Moreover, their relationship was very strained.

Last time, Wan'er had slandered Luo'er and had even dragged him over to investigate. It was tough to say if Luo'er would not harbor hard feelings.

When Su Zian thought of this, his expression indeterminately cycled between overcast and clear.

He was immersed in his own world, completely unaware of Madam Su nearby. The corner of her mouth lifted into an obvious smiling expression.

Madam Su had spent a lot of effort to make Su Zian fix his suspicion on Su Luo. She would naturally continue to persist.

He only saw her frown, and quietly said. "Luo' shouldn't be? They are both siblings, how could they have enmity? It's not that this wife is biased, rather, Luo'er's natural disposition is timid and gutless. Furthermore, she doesn't even have any spirit strength, then how could she possibly frame Wan'er?"

Su Zian waved his hand.

His wife was too kind-hearted. She never thought that people could be bad. How could she be aware of the sinisterness of people's hearts.

He already knew that Luo'er and Wan'er had a feud between them.

As to Luo'er's natural timid and gutless Su Zian's mind suddenly appeared the scenarios from the recent few times he saw Su Luo.

The Su Luo before was perhaps really gutless, low-profile and timid. However, that day when the crown prince came to withdraw the engagement, her behavior was completely without inferiority nor weakness. On the contrary, she even dared to provoke the crown prince!

On top of that, adding that recent matter, when she was wrongly accused by Wan'er. Afterwards she was neither servile nor overbearing. She was rational and acted accordingly to help herself refute the accusations. Her words were sharp, every sentence was reasonable. Even he, himself, was choked off by her.

Was this Su Luo really that low-profile and timid Su Luo from his wife's mouth? Apart from not having any spirit strength, her temperament compared to before was simply changed beyond recognition.

Madam Su saw Su Zian's brows knot tightly, and she laughed grimly in her heart. Her face, however, didn't even bat an eyelid and said. "General, Wan'er was incriminated and framed to such an extent, her later life has already been ruined. You shouldn't also ruin Luo'er, ah. Even if we consider this matter to be done by Luo'er, we should.... also pretend as if we saw nothing."

After being married for many years, Madam Su could accurately grasp Su Zian's pulse.

These kind of words, she used retreat to advance.

As expected, Su Zian did not disappoint her.

"How could this be allowed! Absolutely out of the question!" Su Zian had an indifferent expression, not allowing another opinion and said. "If this matter was indeed Su Luo's doing, then she must pay the price for this matter. This general absolutely will not be swayed even a little bit by personal relationship!"

"Come!" Su Zian loudly roared.

The imperial bodyguards keeping watch at the doorway immediately came in.

"From the black-clothed man's person, start to investigate, you must investigate this thoroughly until it becomes clear!" Su Zian loudly commanded. "No, this matter must not be investigated openly. You need to remember to investigate this secretly, absolutely cannot check on this with great fanfare."

"Yes sir." Zi Mo bowed, accepted the order and left.

The suspicion was already planted, she just needed to wait for it to grow roots and bud. Madam Su looked at Su Zian's gloomy expression, her mood actually became very good.

She returned to the main house. Her mood was exceptionally good and she ate an extra bowl of lotus seed soup.

At Madam Su's side, Nanny Zhao flatteringly moved close to her, lowered her voice and said: "Madam, I have already sent down the instructions, they will make their move tonight."

Madam Su smiled a smile that was not quite a smile, and said. "Fine, remember, this matter must be done carefully. Not even a bit of sound should be leaked out."

Seeing the back of the leaving Nanny Zhao, a crazy and cruel light flashed through Madam Su's eyes.

These concubine's daughters, seeing even one of them offends her, made her feel sick.