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Chapter 172 – Schemes within a scheme (4)

Chapter 172 - Schemes within a scheme (4)

"Is the general's spirit still wounded with regards to Wan'er's matter?" Madam Su softly asked.

"Ah." Su Zian let out a strong sound of agreement.

No matter what was said, that was a daughter he had seen growing up from childhood. After all, blood was thicker than water.

At that time, he was furious and in a difficult position. He had to consider the reputation of the Su family clan, thus he was itching to put Wan'er to death. However, now, after much careful reflection, there seem to be many fishy occurrences in this matter.

Madam Su was the most adept at discerning his thoughts from his body language. With one glance, she could tell what Su Zian was thinking. She followed with a sigh, her expression was disappointed and frustrated: "General, this matter was rather too odd. Can't say for sure...maybe Wan'er was wrongfully accused..."

Madam Su knew that this was what Su Zian was thinking, so she deliberately said it this way. She made it appear as if she happened to hold the same opinion as him. Just as if their two hearts beat as one.

Sure enough, Su Zian's pair of eyes opened wide. "You think so too?"

"Yes, the more this wife thought about it, the more I don't understand. How could Wan'er do something like this? Normally, Wan'er is gentle, soft and dignified. She knows her etiquette and understands human interactions. Even if she was birthed by a concubine, when everyone mentions the Su family's third Miss, they would express the sound of their approval and praise. You tell me, this kind of Wan'er, how could she do such a thing that dishonors the family traditions?"

"You mean this matter has some hidden secrets?" Su Zian's appearance changed slightly. He indeed had some suspicions. He was suffering from a lack of evidence.

"Yes this wife feels that Wan'er's matter....Someone secretly set this up to frame her." Madam Su's eyes were black as ink, so deep as to be bottomless.

Every one of her sentences was ordinary, but step by step, it controlled Su Zian's mood. Leading him in the direction she desired.

Madam Su, for so many years, was unstoppably favored, making Su Zian trust her unconditionally. It was impossible without her having some outstanding talent. This type of imperceptible influence, like the breeze amongst the drizzling rain, was her strength.

"Framed?!" Su Zian suddenly stood up, he impatiently paced around the room. He continuously rubbed both hands, displaying his heart's unease and worries.

"Yes, it should be a set-up." Madam Su's appearance was equitable with a slight frown. "See, how on earth can there be such coincidences? The black-clothed man could so coincidentally enter Wan'er's courtyard? Once the fire started, why was it that both of them did not discover it? The fire burned their clothing and beddings, they still didn't feel it? This seems fishy, enormously wrong!"

Su Zian slapped his hands!

Correct, at that time, he was so furious, he became confused. How could he not realize the truth of such a simple matter?

Granted, even under an extremely passionate embrace, the fire was quickly spreading towards their butts, why didn't they extinguish the fire? Why didn't they run away earlier? Ultimately, they were trapped in the room, waiting for people to catch the couple in the act?

This was simply impossible.

What Madam said was right, this matter was extremely fishy!

Su Zian's pair of thick eyebrows knotted tightly, his expression was serious. His eyes bursting with flames, hatefully said: "Who framed Wan'er?! If this general were to find out, then I will have him dismembered into ten thousand pieces!"

Under his raging temper, Su Zian slapped down his hand. The table made of pear flower wood immediately turned to dust.

Now, his expression had hazed over, both eyes were murderous and radiating with violence.

Madam Su pondered for a short while, afterwards, she frowned slightly and slowly said. "Wan'er has always been well-behaved and abided by etiquette. She never had a dispute with another person and never incurred other people's hatred. Why would someone frame her?"

Su Zian only coldly smiled: "You only know the well-behaved and proper Wan'er, but you don't know how arrogant and despotic she is behind people's back. Let's not talk about outsiders, just talking about how she treats Luo'er...."