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Chapter 170 – Schemes within a scheme (2)

Chapter 170 - Schemes within a scheme (2)

"Third Miss! Third Miss, where are you!?" Captain Li and his subordinates were all dispersed in the room searching for her in a block pattern.

However what made them despair even more was that within this condemned room, how had Su Wan disappeared into thin air?

But they were quite certain Su Wan should be in this room. This was because at the beginning, they had heard the sounds of her screaming.

"Master, look here, this..." Captain Li pointed at the mess on top of the soft couch. His expression was heavy with incomprehensible misgivings.

Su Zian followed his gaze and looked, immediately traces of rage flashed through his eyes!

On top of that soft couch was some scarlet blood and disheveled ceasings...

It was clearly in complete shambles, at a glance, a perceptive person could obviously recognize what happened.

The muscles on Su Zian's face twitched uncontrollably, both of his eyes had combusted into a raging inferno. His pair of hands clenched tightly into fists, the blue veins on the back of the hands throbbed with his heartbeats.

Impossible, this was definitely not possible!

His Wan'er (1) would never ruin the family's traditions by doing such things!

Now, Su Wan was also feeling uncomfortable within the wardrobe.

In the wake of the fire getting more and more intense, the black smoke within the room had also become more dense. The air became thinner and was very scarce.

On top of that, they were shut within the wardrobe where the air was even more pitifully thin.

She could still deal with the thin air. but the more terrifying thing was the thick smoke. It was coming in through the thin crack and the entire wardrobe was filled with smoke from the fire. It was suffocating her until she almost couldn't bear it any longer.

What made Su Wan more depressed was that the surroundings of the wardrobe had also caught fire. The fire was fierce, making the temperature suddenly soar up.

Outside of the wardrobe was a flaming fire. Inside the wardrobe, both of them were like roasted suckling pigs in an oven. They were being baked until they almost passed out.

Su Wan endured and continued to endure. At last, she could not bear it any longer and loudly started to cough.

The loud sound of fierce coughing echoed in the quietness of the indoors and broke the silence.

Without waiting for Su Zian's orders, Captain Li took his subordinates and rushed towards the sound's origin. They manually removed the beam on top and quickly opened the wardrobe.

The wardrobe was opened and they both rolled out.

"Cough, cough, cough...cough, cough, cough..." Su Wan. who was lying on the ground, could actually breathe in fresh air. She desperately breathed it in deeply, resulting in it choking part of her lungs. Her coughing became increasingly severe.

The black-clothed man was also lying on his back on the ground, gasping large breaths of air. Now his vital energy seem incredibly weak, completely different from his strong manner of an expert martial artist before.

Su Zian, including everyone present, were all dumbstruck by the scene in front of their eyes...

This strange picture had surpassed all of its predecessors and had no successors.

Captain Li, at a glance, could recognize that naked person as the third Miss, Su Wan. He was absolutely sure!

The raging fire continued to burn, on top of the soft couch....

If everything was put together, it was enough to give everyone unlimited space to imagine what occurred.

"Ahhhh--" Su Wan lifted her head, saw her father and everyone's figures. She lost her mind from fear, subconsciously placing both hands over her bosom and shrieked loudly.

How, how could there be so many people? Furthermore, even her father was amongst the crowd?

Her body....Oh heavens!

Right now, Su Wan wished that she could immediately pass out, pretending as if nothing had happened.

If she was to do so now, it was obvious already too late.

Su Zian was so enraged that both of his eyes were about to explode. His entire body was shaking, itching to use his fist to kill this daughter. This daughter who was without a sense of honor and brought ruin to the family traditions.

1) See chapter 169 for the footnote... Wan'er is an affectionate nickname.