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Chapter 166 – The final craziness (8)

Chapter 166 - The final craziness (8)

Su Luo hid in the vast dim night, quickly heading towards Su Wan's Hibiscus courtyard.

Her acute vision, allowed her to see in the night as if it was daytime.

Her keen insight and perception of danger to her body, allowed her to always be a step ahead in finding patrolling soldiers and avoiding them.

Su Luo still hadn't learned the exquisite footwork of the people here, but her ability to hide was something the people here did not possess.

Along the way, she was very cautious and prudent. Su Luo very quickly felt her way to Su Wan's Hibiscus courtyard.

Su Wan's Hibiscus courtyard, compared to Su Luo's run-down courtyard, was like night and day.

This Hibiscus courtyard was close to the main courtyard. The residence was exquisitely designed, paying close attention to luxury and refinement, giving off a gorgeous ornate appearance everywhere.

Right now, it was already the crack of dawn.

According to convention, the oil lamps should have already been snuffed out.

However, now in Su Wan's room, a lonely lamp was still lighted. The window had a reflection of Su Wan's clever, long silhouette.

Su Luo quietly approached, she cautiously and carefully poked through the paper layer of the window. Through the window screen, she looked inside.

Right now, Su Wan was reclining on a soft couch, on a mental journey exploring the heavens.

Her mood was apparently very good. The corner of her mouth would unconsciously expose a joyful smile. At the same time, she also seemed somewhat nervous and expectant.

It was unknown what she was happy about, looking forward to, and also what she was nervous about....

However, Su Luo seemed to understand her thoughts at this moment.

A sneer plastered onto Su Luo's mouth. Su Wan, ah, Su Wan. You should properly enjoy your last moment. After tonight... You will be confronted with this life's most embarrassing day. Moreover, it would never end and you could never escape from it.

Su Luo retrieved that sleeping gas pipe from her space.

She originally wanted to return a tooth for a tooth. She wanted to use the black-clothed man's sleeping gas that had been burned halfway, but after further thought, she abandoned this idea.

Because that quality really couldn't avoid detection. It had color and smell, and was very likely to be discovered by Su Wan.

Therefore, Su Luo, without the slightest hesitation, chose to use Apothecary Leng's product, the colorless, odorless, high grade sleeping gas.

Poking through the window screen, Su Luo slowly blew the sleeping gas into the room.

It couldn't be said enough, the sleeping gas's effect was extremely good.

In less than a moment, Su Wan felt that her entire body was dry and difficult to endure the heat. The area around her heart seemed to have countless ants nibbling on it. The scratching gave her an oddly incomparable itch, that was also abnormally comfortable.

This kind of wonderful, novel feeling, was something she had never encountered before.

Her complexion very quickly became scarlet, both eyes were also very red and glossy. Her vision was blurred.

She unconsciously began to peel off her clothing.

One piece, and another piece...

Finally, only a thin undergarment remained.