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Chapter 164 – The final craziness (6)

Chapter 164 - The final craziness (6)

His body was currently affected by the sleeping gas, but the black-clothed man still had not lost all rational thought. Some of his martial arts skills still remained.

He was a grand third-ranked martial artist. In his organization, the black-clothed man was also ranked near the top. Otherwise, he wouldn't have dared to take on this task.

No matter how outsiders regarded her, Su Luo had always been the Su family's fourth Miss. She still represented the Great General Su's Manor.

This palm strike contained all the black-clothed man's formidable power, he had used all his remaining strength.

The black-clothed man had originally thought that even if this palm strike couldn't kill the opponent, it would still inflict serious damage.

However, the reality stunned him.

He could only look on as Su Luo moved to the side to avoid his strike. At the same time, the hollow of her palm suddenly had a tiny black dot. This black dot was very strange. It seemed to glitter with a tiny halo. It carried a trace of virtual shadow as it smashed ruthlessly on the head of the black-clothed man!

Who would have thought that such a tiny black dot would be so hard. Only the crisp sound of the strike was heard, then the black-clothed man's eyes immediately shrank to mosquito size. He swayed, feeling somewhat dizzy and confused.

When Su Luo saw this, her heart became overjoyed.

She had never thought that such a tiny black dot would be so miraculous. Seeing the effects, this small dot's actual might was not small at all.

Also, it came and went without a trace. It could appear and disappear unexpectedly and change rapidly. It was simply impossible for the enemy to guard against.

She had taken out the tiny black dot to put it through a practice run to test it a out. Now, she was really satisfied with the result of the test.

Su Luo with a delighted disposition observed the black-clothed man. In her hand, she held a handful of red pills. She counted each one in front of his face. "I don't want to kill you, but I do want you to swallow something. Look here, this is a heartbreak pill, this pill disperses five poisons, this is a hold back the heart pill, this is..."

These bright red medicinal pills were all violent and slow poisons. All the pills had been made especially for Su Luo by Apothecary Leng grudgingly after she had pestered him non-stop.

Each time Su Luo said a name, the black-clothed man's body would shiver once.

As a hitman, he was not afraid of death nor pain. However, he was afraid of being tortured to the point that he wanted to die but still could not. These medicinal pills were all toxic but not fatal. There were no antidotes to these pills. Moreover, the poison would strike intermittently, bringing random bouts of continuous pain.

He was simply very baffled. Every single one of these pills were priceless. How could the fourth Miss Su in this run-down courtyard have them? If she sold only one, it would be sufficient to buy a manor bigger than the Su Manor.

Therefore, this situation was very hard for him to comprehend.

Su Luo looked at him. The corner of her mouth lifted into a sneer that was cold and extremely dangerous. "You can choose not to tell. However, the consequences of this choice, I hope you will be able to bear it."

She had specifically asked for these poisons from Apothecary Leng. The purpose of the poisons was for when she met with a situation like today where they could be used to extort a confession. Therefore, each poisonous pill had been carefully selected by Su Luo.

She believed that medicinal pills was useless against someone of Nangong Liuyun's level of expertise, someone that had firm willpower. However, regarding the overwhelming majority of people, a hundred tries would result in a hundred percent success.

Sure enough, the black-clothed man's sinister appearance glared at Su Luo with alarm. He stated one word at a time. "You must guarantee that after I finish speaking, you will absolutely not force me to swallow any of those poisons!"

The corner of Su Luo's mouth shifted into a sneer.

Apparently, the person behind the scenes was just so-so. The so-called expert he or she had invited over was only a common martial artist. Moreover, the integrity of the hitman was very weak.

According to principle, hitmen had harsh occupational ethics. Even if they died, they absolutely could not reveal any of their client's information. This was the standard practice and an unbreakable rule in the world of the hitman.

"You said it before, these poisons are all very expensive. Do you feel that this lady is a wasteful type of person? Speak! In the end, who hired you?" Su Luo had both arms crossed in front of her chest and lazily casted sidelong glances at him while speaking.