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Chapter 161- The final craziness (3)

 Chapter 161- The final craziness (3)

The more Su Wan thought, the more enraged her heart became, more and more hateful of Su Luo. She was so furious that she gritted her teeth, almost ready to remove Su Luo's skin, peel off her tendons and hack her into tiny little pieces.

"What should we do now? Don't tell me that we should look on helplessly as Su Luo lives on and grows comfortably? Should we be bullied like this and forced to choke back our suffering?" Su Wan especially could not accept it.

If she had to watch Su Luo live well, then she might as well be told to go and die.

Liu Ruohua wrinkled her brows, pondering deeply for a long time. Suddenly, a light flashed in her brain, the sound of the slapping of her hand echoed. "I got it!"

"What?" Su Wan leaned in with a single-minded, expectant expression.

Liu Ruohua's eyes were filled with a fierce and malicious light. "This idea, even though it could inflict serious damage to Su Luo, however, it's evil and harmful. I'm afraid you wouldn't dare to do it."

Su Wan coldly smiled and said. "So what if it is evil and harmful? What things did Su Luo do which were not also evil and harmful? Speak!"

"Okay then, lend me your ear." Liu Ruohua whispered into Su Wan's ear some words.

"This....isn't it too big..." A hesitant expression appeared on Su Wan's face, as if she was wavering.

"So soft-hearted! If you don't dare to do this, then don't even think of getting revenge on your enemy!" Liu Ruohua repeatedly sneered, she even employed words to incite her.

Apparently inciting her was a very useful method against Su Wan.

After hearing these words, Su Wan's expression became serious. Suddenly, she solemnly nodded her head. "Okay! I will do it according to what you've said!"

Su Luo, you heartlessly dealt me such injustice. Since you treated me this way, don't blame me for being so vicious and merciless!

Poor Su Luo who was completely unaware that she was being targeted by these two women.

Speaking of Su Luo's courtyard.

After seeing Su Wan grandiosely left with a bunch of people, only at this moment did Lu Luo genuinely released the breath she was holding.

She pulled at Su Luo's sleeves with excitement and some bitterness, pitifully entreating her. "Miss! This time it was too thrillingly close. Your arrival was very timely, otherwise the consequences would be unthinkable! From now on, it's better that you don't go out, okay? Even now, your servant's heart is jumping around like mad making thumping sounds."

Su Luo knocked on her forehead to stop her trembling and unhurriedly smiled. "Only you are so timid."

"Miss..." Su Luo started to walk towards the outside, Lu Luo pitifully followed behind at her heels. She pitifully pleaded with Su Luo.

"Be at ease, your Miss, for the time being, will not go out." Su Luo voluntarily sat on a recliner and contentedly squinted her eyes to sunbathe.

Right now she wouldn't go out, this means that afterwards.... Lu Luo wrinkled her small face which had a helpless expression on it. However, she had no means to keep the Miss at home.

Since awakening from the coma that time, it seemed as if the Miss had become another person. She had become more lively and open-minded, full of self-confidence. Furthermore, she had become more decisive with her own ideas.

Only this was good, in the past, they were always bullied by others. Now they had the ability to bully right back!

Su Luo narrowed her eyes, concentrating on and recalling repeatedly that cold arrow launched towards her on that day.

Was it you? The Jade Lake's Fairy?

Su Luo's lips arced into a sneer, a complex light appeared in her eyes. These were proof that she was excited, the elation of having found a target.

Repeatedly chasing after to kill her, this hatred, Su Luo would never forget for a lifetime!

If there appeared an auspicious time, she would inevitably return it a hundred fold.

Su Luo closed her eyes, her spirit had already gone into her space.

Recently, Su Luo found that her space had another fantastic property. This discovery simply made her wild with joy.

Before when she was sleeping, her spirit would automatically enter her space to practice martial arts. She attempted to practice the volume of the great 《Dimensional Imprint》 that the Venerable divine dragon had tossed to her. Even though it had only been seven short days, the results however, were very pleasing.