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Chapter 158 – Secrets revealed (10)

Chapter 158 - Secrets revealed (10)

"This..." Now, even Su Wan had difficulty justifying her words. After a long while, she finally thought of something to say. "His Highness Prince Jin has a Dragon Scaled Horse. A Dragon Scaled Horse can travel five hundred kilometers in a day. To make a round trip within ten days would be a cinch."

"Since third older sister mentioned the Dragon Scaled Horse--" Su Luo coldly smiled, her eyes unblinkingly stared at Su Zian. "Then honorable father, you have also heard of the Dragon Scaled Horse. Do you think such a magical beast as the Dragon Scaled Horse, besides His Highness Prince Jin, would allow others to ride in it? I heard that the crown prince had tried to ride in the Dragon Scaled Horse carriage before and was thrown out. He almost suffered a serious mishap. Do you feel that your own daughter would have the ability to ride in the Dragon Scaled Horse carriage? Is my station more respectable than the crown prince's? Is my martial arts higher than the crown prince's? Or is it something else?"

Su Luo's words were reasonable and woven seamlessly together, making them impossible to refute. Not a single strand of fault could be found.

Unless the Jade Lake's Fairy appeared in front of her to expose her lies, otherwise, who would believe that she, Su Luo, was together with His Highness Prince Jin. And had also rode in the same Dragon Scaled Horse carriage. These things were unthinkable and nobody dared to even imagine it.

Even the crown prince and the Jade Lake's Fairy weren't able to touch the Dragon Scaled Horse carriage. How would it let Su Luo ride in it?

Since the conjecture that she rode the Dragon Scaled Horse could not have happened. Then, the possibility that Su Luo went to Sunset Mountain Range would naturally be false too.

In that case, from this, it could be seen that the one who lied was Su Wan, not Su Luo.

After Su Zian contemplated this information, his eyes fiercely and strictly glared at Su Wan. He coldly left a sentence. "Go back to your courtyard and carefully reflect, save your effort of coming out all day to stir up trouble and create something from nothing!" Before he finished speaking, the Great General Su Zian tossed his sleeves, turned and resolutely left.

He completely believed Su Luo's words and deduced her to be innocent. He was also convinced that Su Wan had tried to stir up trouble.

Su Wan was so furious that her face became red. Her appearance was dark and dejected. Her slim finger pointed at Su Luo, with a twisted and sinister expression, she said. "I really don't know, and also can't imagine how you made the round trip from home to Sunset Mountain Range. However, I believe what Liu Ruohua told me!"

Finished speaking, she turned and left.

She would definitely find the evidence to prove that Su Luo's words were all lies.

However, Su Luo only lazily leaned on the door frame, both hands crossed over her chest. Her face was glowing and spirited, the corner of her mouth lifted in a cold smile that was not quite a smile. "Third older sister, you are indeed forgetful. Just like this you think you can leave?"

The Su Luo right now was already not the timid and delicate-mannered one that had faced Su Zian. The her right now seemed very careless and indifferent. Her words and actions had the manner of one who had victory within their grasp. Not arrogant, or impatient and neither strict nor slow.

Su Wan paused, she turned around and glared at Su Luo, sneeringly said: "What? Want your third older sister to stay and accompany you for dinner?"

She had already prepared to let Su Luo go this time. How could Su Luo still be dissatisfied?

"That won't be necessary. It's merely that I vaguely heard before what third older sister had said. If I, Su Luo, was here, then she would kneel and pour me some water for tea, right?" Su Luo pretended to pick at her ears. Her pair of beautiful eyebrows rose slightly, a taunting smile with a cynical intent appeared.

Food perhaps could be eaten indiscriminately, but words could not be spoken irresponsibly. You should be responsible for the words that were spoken.

However, Su Wan merely sneered. "You heard wrong. Such a thing never happened!"

Finished speaking, she lifted her skirt and hurriedly walked away. Afraid that should she be too slow, then she would be grabbed by Su Luo and forced to kneel and pour tea for her in apology.

Su Luo saw Su Wan's the rushing rear view, trying to escape, and her mouth lifted in a shallow grim laugh.

Su Wan, you thought that this gate was so easy to pass through? You think that I, Su Luo, would be so easy to bully?